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Life With Dogs

We all know there are health benefits to living with pets. Reduces stress, increases quality of life, blah, blah, blah. Come on, already! Let’s get to what really matters about having them around! This week’s Top Ten is dedicated to my canine rug rats, and the many ways they make my life that much more… enjoyable?


The Top Ten Benefits Of A Life With Dogs by

The Top Ten Benefits To A Life With Dogs

  1. No Need For Mops
    Dogs lick up whatever’s on the floor
  2. Save Money
    Who needs an alarm clock when you’ve got dogs?
  3. Selfless Teachers
    My son knows how to eat dog food from their bowl just by watching them! How kind!
  4. Guard Dogs
    They protect our family from any outdoor cat, bird, lizard, or swaying tree branch!
  5. Help You Exercise
    Get your cardio on by sweeping up dog hair and chasing them down for baths
  6. Keep You Humble
    You have to pick up their doo
  7. Help With Laundry
    They collect all the dirty socks they can find and pile them near their bed
  8. Support Your Cooking Skills
    They will eat absolutely anything you make, regardless of how terrible it is
  9. Keep You Humble – Part Two
    If you think you look good, they have no problem putting their dirty paw prints or leaving their hair on your clothes
  10. Keep You Honest
    If you try lying to someone over the phone about not being home, dogs have no problem barking in the background. No matter how much you shush them

I love memes. Wait, you too? WE’RE TWINS! Why not take a break and play Top Ten, then? If you blog, grab my button, choose your Top Ten topic (you can use mine!), post it on your blog, and leave your link in the comments below. If you don’t blog, play along by leaving your list in the comments, too!

Have fun!

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14 thoughts on “Life With Dogs”

  1. Love this entry!! So true. A lot of this goes for kitties, too, except cats aren't as active as dogs. I love my life full of pet children, and we plan on adopting more when we move into a bigger place. :o)

  2. Another thing dogs are good for (when I was a kid):I would quietly "slip" them veggies off my plate when no one was looking, so that I wouldn't have to sit forever at the table (because my plate had to be clean before I could leave the table!).

  3. Hey Jennifer, saw you over on SITS and I decided to pop in to say hello! Love the list. My problem is I have a cat, and if you've ever had a cat, you know they are pretty much good for… NOTHING! jk… I love my kitty. (But he really doesn't do much!)

  4. Cute Post! Makes me appreciate our two dogs once again ~~ as of late, they have been driving me boogey-crazy! I guess they are like kids in the sense that they just want to have fun…..

  5. Too fun! "Dust Bust" is an actual command for our dog. I can say "Dust Bust" and you will hear a thunderbolt of paws across the upstairs floor and she will instantaneously appear where ever you are downstairs. Then her big brown eyes and long black nose scan the floor for something tasty :)

  6. Oh, this is so funny. I have cats who have their own list of how they help me. Keeping me humble: They consider if they will come when called. Most times, they don't. They don't want me believing life answers to my beckon call. A wonderful lesson, in deed.

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