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Monday Random Roundup

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend! My family decided to keep it quiet this year: we didn’t light any firecrackers or even grill a steak – what?! Instead, we ate burgers to the sweet sound of our dogs barking and doing that high-pitch dog whine at all fire crackers going off outside. The “pleasantness” of that evening brings a tear to my eye.

Random Thought
Why does my husband keep talking to me about his new golf clubs? Does he really think I’m interested in the virtues of his new clubs versus the old ones? I told him that talking to me about this stuff is like me talking to him about fashion. He looked at me crazy, shook his head, and walked away.

Today’s To-Do List
• Attempt to pack up and stow away all of Monkey’s old baby clothes… without crying

Thought of the Morning
I saw that sometime in May, I was complaining about how hot it was here. That had to be a joke, because it’s REALLY hot now. Did I ever tell you guys that my first summer here in Vegas, it got up to one hundred and twenty degrees? Then had the nerve to stay there for almost ten days straight?

Random Picture
When Monkey’s hair is wet, I like to comb it this way in the back:

Monday Random Roundup

Don’t tell his dad. It looks too close to a girly ponytail.

22 thoughts on “Monday Random Roundup”

  1. Girlie, I'm so NOT looking forward to helping my mom get the rest of her stuff down here! They offered her 5 more weeks at the end of June to saty in Vegas..Means the first part of Aug will most likely be MOVE day! ..NOOOOOOOOOOO I don't want to do it!I had to give Bella Children's Benadryl worked like a charm..LOLShe laid outside like queen of the Yard..with a huge question mark on her face..LOLPoor dog!Glad you guys had a good one!HuGZ

  2. 120? I would have been out of there! My DH talks incessantly about Bruce Springsteen as if I care. He plays a song, asking me to listen, as ifit sounds different from the last 5 times I heard it. I just don't care!

  3. Such a great post! Men do tend talk about their golf clubs just like we talk about shopping. And what about all of their electronics…Come stop by and tell me about when you became Miss independent!

  4. 120 yikes! It has been unseasonably cool here and I am glad because it is making for really great weather. I have a to-do list of giving away my baby cloths because I am done having children. It isn't going to be easy for me.

  5. There's no avoiding those tears when it's time to pack clothes. I cry when I pack, when I donate, when I sell them at our yard sale. It never stops.Once, one of my neighbors bought a sweater that belonged to Scooter at our yard sale. Her child wore it in their Christmas picture. Guess what I did when I opened the card? Yep, that's right. I cried! It's nice to watch them grow, but sometimes you just want them to stay small forever.

  6. You had a really good point about the golf clubs/ fashion. That's what I tell my husband when he begins to prattle on about cars/guns/hunting/computers…120? Sweet wounded wuffles! It's been 105 here and I thought I was melting!

  7. Wow – I guess Vegas is same as being in the Philippines (but nicer)..Stay cool if you can!Love your monkey's hair! I try to put a clip on my 8yo, too, but I get in trouble…haha!Have a great week!

  8. 120?! Woman, that is crazy!Your sweetie is just adorable!Thanks for stopping by today. I took the pictures with my iphone. Thankfully I had it with me.

  9. Oh my gosh…120 degrees????? I would die!!!!!!!!! So, you never get used to it? LOL!When my sons were babies, I used to love combing their hair back too! My sister used to call my second son Ricky Ricardo!

  10. I can't imagine 120 degrees. I have a hard enouugh time with 95. We head home tomorrow after our vaca on HHI. It is humid here. When you step outside your sunglasses fog up and you immediately stick to your clothing. Grossness! I love Monkey's ponytail. I did the same to lil' D's hair when he had the baby curls. I regret ever cutting his hair. Lost the curls and the softness. Thanks for stopping by my blog and take care.-Kiki

  11. Yeah, I hate how hot it is here in Vegs! :S I've lived here for 10 yrs, and this year is my first summer where we actually get to use a car with A/C. Thank God.

  12. We didn't do fireworks either :o( Hubby claims that the store didn't have a single sparkler left, yeah right like I believe that. Stores usually overstock those things!!LOL about the golf clubs. My hubby always tries to talk to me about his new bats. It's a piece of metal. Now if it was pink and had sparkly things all over it I might get a little more excited about it ;P

  13. LOL!! I scrunch my kids hair since they have ringlets!! I love it, they look like little angels. I love when the Hubs start talking to us about useless information on stuff that we could give two shakes about. I just nod and say "Thats amazing" seems to work! LOL

  14. Yikes, that is freakin hot!!! Sometimes it's gotten as high as 112 degrees here and it makes me absolutely miserable. It's so hot outside that you literally cannot breathe.Monkey's hair looks so cute like that!!

  15. my husband likes to describe in detail car accident that's either seen in real life or watched on t.v. snore. love cheeky's hair. Adorable!

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