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The First Haircut

Monkey turned one-year-old recently! Yay! Traditionally – at least in my family – he was supposed to have gotten his first haircut then. Of course, being somewhat non-traditional myself, I have refused to get it done, much to the dismay of some of my family members. They seem to think that if I don’t shave his head bald now, he’ll be cursed with thin, slow growing hair.

Really? Really?

The First Haircut by

I love his baby hair!
I love his male pattern baldness-like hairline!
I don’t want to shave his head!

I’m going to hold on to him and his fine, wispy baby hair for as long as possible.

My question today:

When do / did you give your child their first haircut?

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38 thoughts on “The First Haircut”

  1. I can't remember either, but definitely WELL after his first birthday. (I do have locks from his first cut, though). He didn't have much hair to begin with and I stood firm against shaving off his head "so that he could grow thicker hair." Well, guess what? His hair is growing nicely, thankyouverymuch.

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm trying to think back that far!!! I would say it was pretty darn close to one year old too!!!Once they get a haircut they look so much older!!

  3. hahaha..I had to get my book out so I could answer..Jeremiah was 2, he has thick, sheep like hair now.LOL he must always have his head either cut to a #1 or a zero.Any longer and his sheep hair will grow.Daniel was 1 week old! He had so much hair, and cradle cap, We gave him a flat top at the rip age of 1 week. He was stylin at his age!Caleb, was a year old. His hair not so thick, more long in patches and different colors of black and browns LOL.I just might scan some pics at work today..awwww how I miss my babies!isn't it bad when you want your 21 & 18 year old to sit on your lap and read them a story? LOL.secretly the boys get mad at Caleb since he's 6 and my lap is allllll his!heh heh

  4. I know so many people who wait until after the first birthday, too. His hair is precious! With M, I cut her hair on MY birthday, as a gift to me, at 6 months, because she had a ridiculous mullet. After that, I kept up with bangs (big mistake – vowed I would not do it again) ever month or so until I grew them out. With A, she will be 2 next month and I have yet to cut her hair. Mostly because it's very curly and would look silly, but also because I refuse to go through the bangs fiasco again!

  5. Lil' D was 3 1/2 when he got his first barber's haircut. Before that I would just trim around his ears, and the back so he didn't get a mullet. I miss his baby curls. Have a wonderful weekend and take care.-Kiki

  6. I took Corbin for his first haircut the day before he turned one. My youngest daughter, Carley, was a different story though. She was bald until she was about two and didn't even need a trim till she was almost three and a half.

  7. My son was born needing a haircut…but I insisted on waiting until he was one. Man, it was a wild head of hair by that time. My dad was having a fit. LOL

  8. In my largely Southern European background family, they believe it's a huge deal to only cute your babies hair after the 1st birth or bad things will befall your child or some such doomsay. I think Jake's hair got cute after 1 year only because he didn't have much.

  9. My boys all had crazy hair that grew long fast so it wasn't too long after their first birthday's. With Caitlyn I just let her hair grow since she was a girl and it didn't matter. I'm always sad when the boys get their hair cut though cause it makes them look so much more grown up :o(

  10. I waited until they were both a year. Wait…the second baby had to get a tiny trim for some really tangled top-of-the-head strands. But not a real cut until 1 year for both. :) I love their curls…it's hard to part with them.

  11. My son's first hair cut was at 18months old. His hair had grown really long because my mom wanted to plait it. So when we went to visit her, she did that and then when we came home, I went to the salon. He did pretty well too.

  12. I waited as long as possible with all three of my kids. They look so much older when they get a haircut. It always made me sad that they weren't babies anymore. I think 18 months was the earliest.

  13. My oldest son was born with a mullet. Literally. So by the time he was seven months we had to clip the mullet off just so others would realize that he was a boy.My second son I don't think we gave him his first haircut until he was like 15 months. He does not grow hair very fast, unlike my oldest.My youngest guy just turned one and he has a ton of bangs that are really long. I am hesitant on the cut too. I just comb them over to the side. I think he looks adorable. But I am bias.

  14. You have a beautiful blog!! Both of my kids were born with a lot of hair, that they didn't lose, and they both needed haircuts early. I attempted to cut their own myself when they needed trims. NOT A GOOD IDEA. My daughter got her first salon cut when she was 11 months. My son got his also at 11 months because we were getting ready to go on vacation. But his is getting shaggy again and I'm okay with it. He didn't like getting his haircut very much. ;-)

  15. Hi Jen!!Aiden was 18 months when he got his first haircut. I did not want to cut my son's hair but hubby BEGGED me, so I gave in. Honestly, my little man really needed it, but I felt so sad while I was buzzing off his long locks. I bagged up some of his hair to keep for a reminder.

  16. I took my son in for his first haircut at 11 months old, but only bc he desperately needed it! I say hold off until your ready or he really needs it! He's only your baby once!

  17. All my kids first haircuts were after they were 1. We only gave Cole his first haircut becuase he had a total toddler mullet going on and I couldn't stand it any longer. Bella didn't have her hair cut until she was 3…and she's now 4 and has only had 1 other haircut in addition to that 1st one. Her hair grows so slow and it's so fine that I'm afraid to cut it again!!!

  18. I waited forever considering LL has a mop & half. He was over a year and half and I only let the stylist trim his curls. Since then he has had two other trims. I just can't part with his beautiful soft curls.

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