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Bloggy Burnout

Bloggy Burnout by

My self-imposed bloggy break has been going so well. I cannot believe how much time I have on my hands when I’m not glued to the computer!

Helloooo, Productive Human Being!

I have so much time now to do other things, I’m actually going to the gym, taking my son out during the day, and making dinner! Get out! Goodness, gracious.

I know that for most, there isn’t much (if any) money in blogging, but the amount of time we spend tending to our blogs, writing posts, answering emails, visiting two million bloggers, and leaving comments on every single one, we SHOULD get paid! It’s a full-time job, and I swear, I’ve been working eighteen-hour days for free! Which is why I’m on a break. I need to get back to the basics, remember what got me blogging in the first place. I’ve got to figure out what the next step is for this old girl!

My question today:

Have you ever been tempted to throw in the towel and give up your blog?


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32 thoughts on “Bloggy Burnout”

  1. I just started mine in May, but… No. I don't think so. I find it extremely soothing and useful to type down my thoughts and events in my life and have them automatically and neaty organized for me. It's too nice a feeling to give up.

  2. I don't think I could give it up.. but I could stop following and people following me. I agree.. it's a FULL time job, and sometimes I feel so much pressure having to comment back I loose the joy I once had.I stopped replying to emails..LOL. I can't do it. I even went as far as having email delivered to my "EnV" phone. That's just SICK isn't it?

  3. NO! Not ever! Never in a gazillion years. It is all I have that is for MYSELF. It is my escape. My hobby. My therapy. I'm sure I could use a break. All this typing and staring cannot be good for my wrists or eyes. Aloha and take care.-Kiki

  4. Oh yes…I just started a few months ago, too! I have cleaned out my reader and only closely follow as many blogs as I can truly participate in and that hold my interest. I feel like I never have an hour to sit down and work on it, so I find myself spending 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there,and never accomplishing anything I set out to do. I would like a break from trying to tweak things and just write a few good posts. Dare to dream!

  5. I have 3 blogs. I did give up one of them…at least for now. There are times I only blog once or twice a week, but give them up? Nope, I don't see that happening.

  6. I have bloggy guilt! I have som many blogs that I love lve to read. I try to comment on as many as I can, plus update my own. The one thing I don' do? Respond to peoples comments unless there is a direct question. I read every single one. Love every single comment. But I just can't respond to them. (and I do not expect anyone to ever respond to my comment) Hope I don't lose any of my beautiful followers b/c of this but there are only so many hours in the day!

  7. Not totally no. I am known to sometimes only post one post for the week. I get busy and dont think about it. But I dont think I could just delete my blog. It is a good outlet sometimes when I am in a mad mood.

  8. I am pretty new, so I cannot say for sure! I think it is wise to choose certain days to play/work with it, and then back off on others–my family was a pain while I was trying to get up and running–which was ridiculous, because before I had the computer…no one was looking for me:)

  9. well since I haven't had a blog for very long and my intent is just to document travel and misc items it doesn't take up much time. So at this point I would say no.

  10. I have thought of giving it up from time to time because it is such a big job. I'm never good enough at commenting on other people's blogs and all I get is junk mail from PR companies all the time

  11. YEP! I just took some time off (for a weekend) and didn't Tweet, blog or sign on to read anything. I just shut down. Afterward, I noticed, I can do without. But I like having it. So I'm monitoring my online time. Only during the day and not after work or on the weekends.The internets will survive without me, even though it doesn't feel that way :o)

  12. i havent been blogging that long but so far no, every now and again I have to tell myself that a couple days without blogging will not be the end of the world.

  13. Not yet, but in the future i'm sure I'll get burned out. Unless it does turn into a job, not likely I know. For now, I'm using the blog to get my own thoughts in order and for fun.

  14. Yes, last week when my Uncle had a heart attack. I think was one blogger that left a comment about that post. I know that when you don't visit others they don't visit you. Some times it's hard to get around.

  15. Weekends belong to us – we don't post between Friday early evening and late Sunday. Time to rejuvenate, spend time with friends and family, each other, do chores, read, watch TV, go to movies, and reflect on material for future posts! Real life is always more important than blogging about it.

  16. It's amazing how much I can get done by not being on this puter!!!!!!!!!! Oh..and yes..I felt like giving up this week since I've been so busy!! It's like you miss one day of blogging, and it feels like weeks!

  17. Not yet – it's been a year now, and I do get tired at times, but haven't wanted to give up and throw in the towel. It's been an incredible experience so far with amazing opportunities – I'd hate to miss out on what else it could bring.Great Question

  18. Yes, all the time. Then I realized you only have to put as much time into it as you WANT to. This week I did barely anything, and I'm NOT going to let it bother me. Good luck!

  19. I definitely will be cutting back when I go back to work teaching in the fall. The whole blogging thing is so addictive!!!I found you over at the mommy blogger site! I clicked follow :-)

  20. I haven't experienced that yet but sometimes I do start to feel guilty if I get behind in commenting on other blogs or if I haven't posted for like 3 days straight. I guess sometimes I start to feel the pressure of it all and then I realize blogging is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. I've definitely slowed down on other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. I just can't keep up with everything. And since my blog is something I'm hoping to save for my kids someday to read when they're older, I put more energy and focus into it than the other things.

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