Refridgerator full of baby food
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Fridge Life

The top shelf in our refrigerator is designated for Monkey and Monkeyland equipment only:

Refridgerator full of baby food

He couldn’t care less about baby food, as evidenced by the tubs and jars of uneaten, unappetizing baby food. I don’t know why I even bother to buy it. I suppose I’ve been brainwashed by all those Gerber baby food commercials.

The only things on this shelf that he enjoys are the sippy cups and my breast milk… and of course, the French Vanilla Coffeemate. He’s always asking – very nicely – for a drip in his cup o’milk in the morning.

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34 thoughts on “Fridge Life”

  1. Too funny about the coffeemate.Skip the prebought stuff and get yourself a baby safe feeder…you can put any kind of food in there but start with grapes or watermelon..they love it!!Check out my WW…kind of reminds me of that chocolate cake you were talking about on twitter…the facial expression after you cheat and eat it.

  2. I was always jealous of those ready to go stage 2 Gerber meals/snacks. (We didn't have those in Canada until recently) I loved our trips to Florida so I could buy my Monkey every kind under the sun….then she rejected every single one in favour of whatever was on my plate:)

  3. Hubby loves the French Vanilla. Me, I'm a Vanilla Caramel type of girl :o)My kids didn't care much for the baby food either. I think I just had fun picking out the different dinners. They sound yummy anyway lol.

  4. Emilio eats the gerber stuff, I haven't tried the little meals yet though. He is a little piggy and wants to eat everything! Thankfully he now starting to accept whole milk. He has been very picky in the milk department and its has been driving me nuts! I wanted to stop breastfeeding at nine months but he refused any other option. Only two more weeks to his first birthday and then I finally get my body all back to myself! Yay!

  5. My kids were never wild about those Gerber graduate meals either and I have to say that some of them did look pretty nasty. After awhile, I finally started to take whatever Tim and I were eating for dinner and I'd just cut it into very small bites for them and they preferred that. Wish I would've figured that out instead of spending so much money on those ready-made containers!

  6. Oh how I wish you could be in the stands stomping your feet. I will giggle endlessly as they call my name imagining you!!BTW LOVE THE PHOTO!!! My fridge looked like that too and I gave up on the baby food. They loved the steamed and pureed organic stuff, go figure! So I ended up donating a lot of our unopened baby food to the local food bank! Kudos! Happy WW!

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