Wordless Wednesday

Duck, Duck, Poop

On our honeymoon, I sat in some duck poop.

I should have known it was a sign of things to come.
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43 thoughts on “Duck, Duck, Poop”

  1. Ewww! I hate it when that happens. I'm so not into avian droppings that I would rather park my car away from any leafy shade and brave the awful heat when I get back than to have any bird dropping on my windshield or anywhere else. LOL!Happy WW!

  2. LOL, sitting on or being bombed on is the worst thing possible. Especially when everything is going wrong that day. I've been bombed 5 times in my life, beach time at the beach..ewwwww. Large birds suck =O

  3. Oh MY! I once left the beauty shop, went home, went up the steps to go in the house and a seagull " pooped" right in my hair!! He did a fly over into my beautifull curled hair! I was in tears :(

  4. Funny! A couple summers ago when I was pregnant with Corbin, Jim and I took the kids to a cookout at a friends house, in which my ex-husband was also attending. It was fine because at that point everyone was getting along fairly well.The EX was trying to be all cool and flirting with some chick when a bird pooped on him. I laughed so hard I thought my water was gonna break. I turned toward him and yelled across the lawn, "Ha! Karma's a bitch!"

  5. Just kidding!I saw your post on Helene's site this morning. Died laughing. Of course you are still married. Why else would you be close to never talking to your husband again like the rest of us?:)

  6. it's not only funny that you sat in duck poop, it's funny that you or rather hubby took a picture of the evidence. You know you're in love when… *L*

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