Wordless Wednesday

The Dig

My son may have a future in paleontology:

The Excavation Site

My Fossil Hunter, in the thick of it

Holding his precious find

Cleaned, restored, and on display

*No child, binky, or toy was harmed in the filming of this Wordless Wednesday

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34 thoughts on “The Dig”

  1. Ha! That's funny. It's amazing how they always seem to know where their stuff is. Corbin used the same brand o' binky but gave his up after his teeth started coming in. I think he still has a couple in his toy box and sometimes he just fidgets with them for fun.

  2. My daughter was the pacifier queen. She used to wear overalls with pockets and so she carried spare pacifiers in the pockets. Finally at age 4, the dentist said "enough" and after a few rough days they were all gone.

  3. I didn't know you were going on the SITScation! I'm excited to meet all of the cool people I'm frenz w/online in person! So excited! This is literally the first time since I moved to MD that I actually want summer to hurry up and end:)

  4. HEY the inventor of that specific binkie is brilliant! All of my babies used pacifiers and THAT was #1's fav… had to order some online for him because we got it at the hospital and couldn't find them anywhere!

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