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Mommy Time Survival Kit

I put Monkey down for his nap this afternoon and was aiming to start ‘Mommy Time’ right away. I was a little cold under the A/C, so I had to get a blanket to keep warm (my husband likes it to resemble an ice palace in here, don’t judge me). Since it’s summertime, of course all the extra blankets are stored away. So I had to go rooting around in the closet for a blanket. But the entire time I was looking for one, I kept imagining my baby waking up before I even got to enjoy one minute alone! Noooo!

Ladies, you know how precious alone time is for us moms. It’s necessary to our sanity! And I’m sure we’ve all heard the term “self-care” being thrown around lately, so while the clock ticked on ruthlessly while I searched for my blankie, I decided then and there that I would have to be prepared for future Mommy Times.

My plan: create a Mommy Time ‘Survival Kit’, including everything I’d need, set aside in a basket. Whatever the situation, whatever the weather, I won’t waste anymore precious time looking for stuff to get comfy, it’ll all be there at my disposal!

So this week’s Top Ten list is dedicated to all the things I would include in my Mommy Time Survival Kit.


Mommy Time Survival Kit

Top Ten Items I Need To Enjoy ‘Mommy Time’


  1. My phone
  2. Phone charger (it’s handy to have around in case I drain my phone watching makeup tutorials on YouTube)
  3. TV remote
  4. All the snacks ever made in life
  5. A Snuggie (a.k.a. The “Hands Free” Blanket) – With this, I never have to worry about keeping my hands warm AND the sensor on the remote free and clear. Major First World accomplishment.
  6. Water bottle – it’s annoying having to get up to get a drink when you’re comfy… but maybe not as annoying as having to get up to go to the bathroom because you drank so much water.
  7. Magazines (fashion and/or tabloid, please)
  8. A notebook and pen – for those times you write out a To-Do list pretending you’ll actually get it done
  9. Tweezers and a mirror – I never remember to look in the mirror often enough to check on my eyebrows
  10. The Clapper – does this still exist? Technically it can’t go in my kit, but I thought I’d throw it in this list anyway. Because it would be so beneficial to my alone time. How? Well, once Mommy Time is over, who wants to get up to go to bed? Just sleep on the couch already! And while I’m at it, who has the energy to get up to turn off the lights? The Clapper would let me do it from the couch. So lazy.

20 thoughts on “Mommy Time Survival Kit”

  1. You sold me with the magic box. I could use one now to finish replying to everyone. The kids are screaming in the background. The noise is crazy but it solidifies that they're still alive.

  2. I would add Mr. Zappy (Weeds), so I could taze my husband, whenever he strolls into the room and starts to channel surf, like I'm not even there, in the middle of watching a great show… lolGreat post.

  3. I would want to purchase this kit too. LOL, however instead of a magic box that will make any food that I want, do you think it would be possible to get a magic box that would clean up a specific area of the house that I ask it too? Maybe I just need Rosie from the Jetsons. :)

  4. I have everything in my craft room for my mommy time from a tv and dvd player right down to a small little fridge to keep my cherry diet pepsi and snickers bars in lol. I could live in there and never come out haha

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