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Just Desserts

If you hadn’t already guessed, I love to eat. Consequently, I love to eat dessert. I love it so much that when I go out to eat, I choose my dessert before anything else. Knowing something yummy is coming at the end of my meal sets the ‘tone’, making me a much more enjoyable dining companion.

Now look, I know I mention food way too much here. But being home all day, watching the Food Network, what else is there to think about? Food is all consuming in my house: transitioning Monkey to solids, figuring out what to make for dinner, dry roasted peanuts. It’s food-on-the-brain twenty-four seven! Sure, I could change the channel and avoid temptation. I could even stop buying jars of peanuts. But I don’t have a good reason not to do any of these things, so…

This week’s Top Ten list is all about dessert. And while you’re reading my list, I’ll be reading it alongside you, remembering all the lovely memories I’ve made eating them.

Enjoy (I know I will!)!

Just Desserts

Top Ten Favorite Desserts

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. Brownie (à la Mode)
  3. Crème Brulee
  4. Rocky Road Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins
  5. Cream Cheese Danish
  6. Sticky Toffee/English Toffee Pudding
  7. Fresh fruit (come on, I’m not a total lost cause!)
  8. Kheer
  9. Strawberry Shake
  10. Flan

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16 thoughts on “Just Desserts”

  1. I'm with ya on the food thing. I love food, especially dessert. I graze all day at home. Not sure that's a good thing. And I crave dessert when blogging, what the heck does that mean???LOVE your list :D

  2. I am just gonna put mine here for you (I am down two pounds, sorta)1. Baskin&Robins icecream cake2. White cake with copious amounts of white frosting3. The Pillsbury Fudge Brownies you get at Sam's Club4. My Homemade truffles5. Cherry pie6. Chocolate Mousse7. Those triangle donuts stuffed with frosting…do u know what I am talking about?8. McDonalds grease filled fruit pies…9. Dairy Queen ice cream, with the butterscotch hard shell…10. Cinnabons caramel pecan cinnamon rolls.I have now gained the two pounds back, plus 8, and I have gut rot.

  3. Laughing at your food again comment. Food is HUGE with kids around isn't it?! I swear, it seems I just cleanup from one messy meal and we're onto the next. ((Shaking my head)) I don't see an end in sight either. Sigh!My Top Ten Dessert List just rolled off my fingertips! Guess I've got desserts on my brain as well. And I just thought of another fave—-a simple vanilla shake. Yum! Can I have a Top Eleven Deserts List? Please please please?

  4. I love the top 10 idea! I love food too…sometimes when I go to ihop with my husband, I just order an ice cream sundae even though it's early in the morning!!

  5. Dessert, oh how I love thee!My favorite is Tiramisu, but I also love Turtle Sundaes, Key Lime pie, and Banana Foster anything! Oh, and a sweet 'n salty combo like chocolate covered pretzels are good too.

  6. Me too!! I only like to go to restaurants that I know have a good dessert menu!!!!! Okay..I don't see cheesecake on your list. That would be my fave! And what is Kheer????

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