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I Am The Hair Style Queen

People! People! Did you know you are reading the blog of a hair fashion forward mommy?!

This is how I’ve been wearing my hair for as long as Monkey Dude has been alive:

(This picture was taken on Day Three of “Projectile Bodily Fluids” Week)

This afternoon, I was able to squeeze in a bit of internet reading time, and visited one of my favorite fashion blogs, Who What Wear. And this is what I see plastered all over the page:

Image c/o

Um, hello?





24 thoughts on “I Am The Hair Style Queen”

  1. Oh my my my! I'm so glad my favorite hairdo is making me a fashion icon in the greater sacramento area…I'm so proud! HAHA! Can't wait to see ya at SITS girl!

  2. You are just so much fun….And yes, I would say your hair is the new IN thing… (Mine has needed the hair dye now for oh… a few months! Can you find that in style too…LOL)

  3. Are you me? The similarities between you and I are endless, my friend. I doubt people will be able to tell us apart come October. I wear my hair like that ALL the time. :)-Francesca

  4. I'll bet you started that trend! Isn't it great to find out that you are in fashion even when you're not trying to be fashionable? Cheers and congrats to you!

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