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Go With The Flo

Remember all those months ago when I was hoping I’d miss my period?

Well, my period was a tad bit late this month, and believe me when I say, I did not have the same attitude this time around. In fact, I had a mini freak out. Those few days while I was waiting with my fingers, eyes, and legs crossed, I began to let my mind wander into the abyss. It was an anxiety-ridden week:

Wait! I just started enjoying sleeping on my stomach!

But I haven’t lost all the baby weight from my first pregnancy!

I can’t mother two kids at the same time! Are you crazy?!

I had to face the very real possibility of being pregnant again. So I took matters into my own hands. I decided that if I was actually pregnant, then I would be positive and pro-active. So I took naps (I was out of practice), I reacquainted myself with my favorite baby / birthing shows, and I started eating for two. Wait. That’s a lie. I’ve already been doing that the past couple of weeks. My bad…

On the other hand, staying positive proved difficult because I had to fight these thoughts:

But we were finally able to put away all the baby stuff! I’m gonna have to pull all that stuff out again?

• Another baby means adding another set of poopie diapers, a load and a half of laundry, and another two years of sleeplessness

• Labor. Labor. Labor.

[Sidenote: I was watching TLC’s “A Baby Story” this afternoon, watching a woman’s super swollen belly being pushed and pushed and pushed on in an attempt to turn the baby. And what do the cameramen do? Put her face in a close-up, juuust in case we weren’t convinced by her screaming and crying that what she was going through was excruciatingly painful. Why do I torture myself like this?]

Oh well. All that drama for nothing. Aunt Flo showed up – fashionably late – making everything I went through a moot point. Which just goes to show: be careful what you wish for, you might almost get it, freak out, then not get it.

Go With The Flo

29 thoughts on “Go With The Flo”

  1. I start freaking out if i'm more than two days late. I have stacks of pregnancy tests at the ready. And even when they say negative i start planning for what-ifs. LOL

  2. I only realized that I'm quite happy with two kids when one time mine was extremely late and I didn't have that same thrilling what-if feeling that I got those two other times that I was late. :)

  3. Oh gosh! I was getting excited for you and then SHE showed up. Freaking out like that makes us see things differently and sometimes it surprises us on how we really feel. What a cute post!

  4. Ooh I'm soooo glad I don't have to worry about that anymore. However now that I can't have another one, I always think..It sure would be nice having another one under feet..I'm holding out for my grand babies. I beg my son's fiance…sooooooo when ya think I'll be able to pull out my black dresses? my black knee highs? and do my hair in a shampoo set? will it be soon? LOL

  5. My kids were all spaced about 3-4 years apart except for Carson who was 6 years. With Chandler we had just closed on our first house that was only a three bedroom so we outgrew it the day we signed the papers. When Carson was born we had just moved into our four bedroom house so we finished the lower level and made a fifth bedroom. Our timing was always off LOL. I know all about stressing out :o)

  6. I have friends who don't make it a year before they are pregnant again, I can't even imagine that…you will vacillate in those emotions until the next one comes along though! Two were certainly enough for me! :)

  7. Oh, good lord! Jim and I have gone back and forth on this for about 6 months and I just can't do it! Not only am I too old, but I'm still blown out from the last one. No thanks!

  8. Oh I felt a smidge sad reading your post, I hate the up and down of the monthly guessing game. Especially when Flo pulls tricks with timing! Well… sometimes those little scares help you get priorities straight. Maybe yes to another kid, but not right away. I was like that too, thinking we need to pay off more debt, I need to lose weight, the boys have to get older. And then life takes turns and you realize there are so many things you can't control! Enjoy this time with the Monkey it will go fast!

  9. i have had one of every type of baby i think, one we'll see what happens, one trying and trying forever, one planned and it happened, and one OMG! where is my period…here's to hoping when you want to be, you are…and when you don't want to be ur not…welcome aunt flo, we're happy for your visit!

  10. This has happened to me more times than I'd like to remember. Scary! Glad it all worked out. Aunt Flo…a classic. My term, too, and I always giggle when I meet a real live person named Florence.

  11. I remember those days…so glad they're over. LOL! You asked on my blog what EMO was. Well, from what I can gather it's for emotional kids that wear somewhat goth clothes, fingerless gloves, are moody and antti-social….basically my 10 year old. LOL

  12. You are too funny. I go back and forth all the time about when I should get preggers again. I am insane. I get all ready to go and then freak myself out. Okay, still laughing at the baby story as well since I have been totally watching that show all the time again.

  13. lol…I remember watching those TLC videos…only when I'm preggo…yeah, it's hard for me to shut the computer off sometimes but that's literally what I end up doing!

  14. lol…that happened to me 28 months ago but the difference is I was preggo. I keep saying in my mind…NO MORE KIDS! I had them 10 years apart so it was like starting from scratch with all new worries and having to buy everything over. Yikes! Just the thought of getting preggo again makes me want to join the nunnery.

  15. That's exactly how I would feel now if by some cosmic accident I got pregnant again. It felt so wierd to deal with infertility and sobbing everytime my period would show up…then to go to "Oh My God, I hope I get my period". So wierd. One surefire way to bring on your period (if you're not pregnant, of course) is to wear white pants. It never fails.

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