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Cereal Killer

It’s almost midnight, and I’ve got a dilemma: I want to eat something. And that something is an entire box of cereal.

The box in the kitchen is calling my name, and my stomach is screaming right back at it, “Grumble. Grumble… Uh? I said Gruuumble!” What is happening? I’ve gone from craving peanuts to cereal… what’s next? Anchovies?

Huh. Anchovies… doesn’t sound half bad.

16 thoughts on “Cereal Killer”

  1. Ummmm…..guilty. I ate a HUGE bowl of cereal at almost midnight last night. And the whole time I was eating I was saying, "What am I doing?" but I kept taking another spoonful and another……

  2. I ate a huge bowl of Frosted Flakes last night with a banana. Today though, I will NOT eat anything bad, today is my day to get back on track. God Help me. LOL

  3. Cereal is actually a "really" healthy snack…and even the sugary kind is very low in fat!!! (Especially if you eat it with skim milk too!)I think that's why I eat too much cereal…LOL

  4. Peanuts? Cereal? Anchovies?!?! Hmmmmmm, have I missed something?? I must go back and re-read previous posts?!Poke poke! So what did you end up eating??? just wondering LOL!

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