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The earliest memory I have is of being three years old and walking barefoot in our family’s backyard. I was wearing a long, red summer dress, and the rocks underfoot were poking into my feet. I remember walking over to our backyard fence and looking through a hole, and seeing the green grass of the park behind our house. It’s a simple memory, a short memory. But, even as I remember it now, it’s so clear, the colors so vivid, it’s as if I did it yesterday!

I wonder to myself about what my boy will remember. Will he remember me accidentally bumping his head against his car seat that time I struggled to get him out? Will he remember having that massive tantrum when I took away the magazine he ripped to shreds? Or will he remember playing with Mommy and Daddy on the couch, laughing so hard and long, he got the hiccups? At the least, I hope he doesn’t remember the times I let him sit in his wet, five-pound diaper…

This week’s question:

What was your first childhood memory?

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  1. I remember the oddest things from when i was young. I recall prparing to board a car ferry and someone getting in teh backseat with a case of pop. That's pretty much the only memory from that trip. :)Thanks for this trip down memory lane. :)

  2. I remember playing in the sandbox with a neighbor kid at about 5. It's funny, I remember more from my childhood than I do from last week. lol

  3. I remember sitting with my brother, him fixing his tire on his bike, and him saying DON'T touch the glue Tamerina, you can die. He walked into the house … I ATE the glue. Him panicking when he saw I ate the glue, and him crying I was going to die. LOL. They ended up pumping my stomach, the whole time my brother held my hand begging me not to die. From that moment on, he hated his bike, dissembled mine and sold the parts LOL.

  4. My first memory…sadly…is me having a fit in preschool because I hated the pants my mom put me in. They had trains on them…I was a wreck all day. I wanted to wear my sweater to cover them up, but then decided I didn't like my sweater.

  5. My dad is an art teacher…he dipped my feet in green paint during st pattys…allowed me to walk all over the school…lifted me up to the ceiling and everything…he wanted kids the believe in the leprichan…lol…xoxoxo

  6. I always remembred when I was about 5 years old sitting with my brothers at our grandmas house and we all took turns feeding our new baby cousin!!I remember also playing outside with all my brothers friends too.Good times!! I love looking back!

  7. My first vivid memory was my 4th birthday when my mom and dad surprised me with a new bike w/training wheels. I could not believe that I had a brand new bike all to myself and I was thrilled! Over the top thrilled!I was so proud of that bike…..

  8. I can vaguely remember pre-school and being that child that wouldn't sleep during nap time, but scooted my mat all over the place because I was bored and they told me I had to lay down even if I wasn't sleepy. I would watch the teachers talking and walking through the hallways.

  9. I had to be around 3-4 because my earliest memory involves my older sister and my younger sister. We were on the back step of our house with our dog Blackie and we were making mud pies. My parents divorced when I was 5 so it's one of two memories I have of ever living with my dad.

  10. Seeing my mom standing on the fire escape at the old hospital after she had my brother ~ waving to my sister and I and then a couple of months later we went on our annual vacation to Colorado and we left my brother at the hospital – back in the day, they did that – sorta like babysitters – can you believe it – I always thought it was so strange – but very common in the little towns in the Midwest 50 yrs ago!!

  11. I don't know which memory was my first but I remember playing barbies with a neighbor in the bed of my dad's truck. I also remember eating steak at dinner.

  12. My first memory is a weird one. We were on a family vacay to Arizona and were at the hotel swimming pool. I was probably around three. I distinctly remember walking down the pool steps to get in to the pool when, uh-oh, my head went under water. I didn't even really know what was going on. I just saw a whole bunch of legs, blury ones. I popped up out of the water and I so remember my mom saying, "Oh, there you are!" Way to go Mom! At least I lived to tell about it :)

  13. I'm unsure why, but I tend to remember everything. I remember my first trip to Disney World. I was two and a half. My second trip I celebrated my fourth birthday there. They are great memories, and I'm glad they stayed with me.

  14. I don't actually remember a lot but probably the one that stands out in my mind the most was being in preschool and I was still wetting my pants every once in awhile. My mom was getting frustrated with me and told me I had better come home with dry pants on this one particular day. Well, I was able to keep my pants dry all day long but we were on the playground playing at the end of the day waiting to be picked up and as I saw my mom's car pull into the parking lot, I peed in my pants. UGH!! I don't know why that still stands out as the most vivid memory but it does!!!BTW, we were fortunate that Cole forgot about the balloons!! There was a carnival after their preschool graduation where he got lots of prizes and candy. So the balloons were pretty much history after that!

  15. I have a flash of a memory of my twin sister and I sitting in a twin stroller (around 2 years old) and she's reaching the flower out to me. I stick it in my mouth and before long, we're both eating the flowers.

  16. I have alot of memories .. but its weird I wonder sometimes what are memories and what have are the stories I was told. I can remember going to a pre school of sorts in the Philippines when I was 3 ish..

  17. Great memory you shared!!Gosh, if it wasn't so late, I'm sure I could think of one right!! I have a few that come to mind, but I remember visiting my grandparents in their home in Virginia. It was always the best place to be!!!!

  18. That pink button in your side bar makes me happy. I am thrilled that we are going to meet one another in October. Be warned, though, I'm a hugger. Oh, and can I tell you how much I can completely relate to this post, Jen? (And can I can you Jen?) The part about hoping that my kids don't remember everything is something that I was musing over a lot this week. -Francesca

  19. Hey—just visiting over from SITS!I have started doing a Memory Monday on my blog—so you will have to check it out!SWANEESINGER.BLOGSPOT.COMLovin' your blog! Great stuff!!

  20. It's good that you still remember your childhood memory. Maybe it's very special.Speaking of hawaii, I heard hawaii's going to celebrate its golden anniversary this year.

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