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“Clothes” Call

Last night, in my quest to be more social, I actually agreed to attend and perform in a local cabaret / showcase. I had a great time, even though the event started way past my bedtime.

While I was putting my baby boy to sleep, my brain was in overdrive, trying to figure out what to wear. Seriously, my brain was frying under the pressure (can I just say how much I hate figuring out what to wear?). Since I live in my pajamas and sweats all the live long day, getting dressed in other kinds of clothes is somewhat of a struggle. Generally, it goes like this:

  1. Put on Outfit #1
  2. Stand in front of mirror, scrunch face, take outfit off, throw it on the bed
  3. Look for something else to wear
  4. Repeat Step 1
  5. Put on Outfit #2
  6. Repeat Step 3
  7. Repeat Steps 1 – 4, about four more times
  8. Look at clock. Late for function
  9. Start sweating, get angry, proclaim, “I have NOTHING to wear UGH!”
  10. Put on outfit #1 and leave

Clothing and jewelry
If I throw some fancy earrings on, would my cat t-shirt and sweats be appropriate?

Why do I do this? Geez.

Today’s question:

When you have a function or event to go to, what is your favorite go-to clothing item / outfit?

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29 thoughts on ““Clothes” Call”

  1. Depends on the function but if formal I have my go to black pants with blue dress shirt purple tie and black dress shoes. It looks sharp on!

  2. what ever a can fit into at the time,lol. I never plan my cloths. In the morning I just look in the closet and decide. Depending on the day function i choose.

  3. Nothing. No go-to outfit. My size has changed so much over the past 4 years – having 2 kids, getting thin after #1, then getting huge after #2. I am always in between sizes. Right now, I'd need to go shopping if we have a big event to go to. My nice dresses are too skinny or fat!

  4. I'm glad i'm not hte only person who tries on 10 different outfits. I ask Hubby what he thinks of each one and then make him pick. "But i thought you like the pink dress when i bought it!" "I do but this one looks good now." "What do you mean 'now'?" Cue an hour of fighting and "i knew my butt looked big"LOL

  5. I am like you, don't go out much. I have a nice wrap around dress, that I wear pretty much anywhere. In the winter I put a sweater on.

  6. of course we woman have a full closet..and NEVER anything to wear.Funny I posted about my clothing today too. LOL.I don't have special functions to attend. (I'm non-social that way) but.. I just have way too much..and never a thing to wear. =/

  7. I do that every morning.. Can't seem to figure out what to wear..(especially if clothes for some absurd reason start to shrink..)Thanks for your sweet thoughts and prayers..Just want to wish you a Happy Weekend!

  8. I have "go to" outfits with Tags still on them.. lol Those are my "go to" when I lose weight outfits. Right now.. I just don't want to buy anything until I lose weight lol

  9. I've got about 6 dresses that are for more formal/fancy occasions. I hang onto those like a lifeline because I know they will always fit well and I can "count" on them! LOL!I really really hate that well-known panicky feeling of "what am I going to wear??!!" It's the worst…….

  10. Skirt and top. Because they are separates, I don't feel like I'm wearing a bag that ill fitting. Or dresses. I'm carrying some weight so the idea of wearing pants all tight around my thighs at a function isn't appealing. And I do the same routine. I hate picking out outfits. It's either, dirty (cause I hate doing laundry), not small, missing a button or piece, lost or ugly.

  11. Why do we do this to ourselves!! I have actually had aching arms from trying on top after top after top. I must plan my outfit a day advance…find I have nothing…then go buy something new! LOL

  12. Yup….Im so with ya.I wear the same ole thing during the week at home, so going out is torture, LOLI like the black pants thing….and a nice top! THat's the safe outfit. :)If you haven't, stop by and enter my first giveaway…thanks!

  13. For a dressier event, I am obsessed with black dress pants and black heels. For casual event, short dress with leggings (use to be jeans all the time until I tried leggings and found them to be the most comfy things).

  14. Ummm, black, black and black? Tailored black trousers, black heels and a black scoop neck fine knit top is a staple for functions, and jazz it up with a statement necklace :)

  15. This question is tough, because I still wear my old navy maternity pants to everything. You can't tell that they are matenity, they are so stylish.Now that I think about it. It's really sad, that I think my maternity pants are stylish.Hugs and Mocha,Stesha

  16. Since I spend the majority of my life in scrubs (nurse job) and sweats (YMCA job) I LOVE to dress in "real" clothes when I can! Depends on the function but the funkier the better! My closet has a bunch of clothes that have only been visited a few times.

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