Wordless Wednesday

Pizza Party

Babies love pizza.

Apparently, doggies do too.
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33 thoughts on “Pizza Party”

  1. I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE Pizza! It's the pizza that doesn't love me. *brings a tear to my eye. =*(I have an EXCELLENT pizza recipe it's over a 70 years old. I think I may just share it!I did get it from an Italian friend who's nana used to make it. My boys can't live without it. It tastes better then "delivered pizza" (it's also similar to my nana's recipe) would you like it?

  2. What a cute picture! It perfectly captures the ever-present and hopeful garbage guts we call our pets. :) My dog is the same, but he's so big that he can actually rest his chin on the high chair tray. :)

  3. Hey there! I noticed your comment over at "Hey mommy.." in regards to the banana ketchup!! Stopping by to say hi! Love this WW picture. Your little puppy reminds me of ours!!

  4. The biggest perk of having a dog while raising kids is how they make an excellent floor cleaner upper! I miss the days when we had a dog and I didn't have to get down and pick up nasty noodles and slimy peaches off of the carpeted floor!

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