Wordless Wednesday

If The Shoe Fits

(Sssh! Don’t tell! I’m not supposed to be writing anything, but I needed to preface this picture by saying this foot belonged to a stranger sitting next to me at my sister’s college graduation some years ago. This picture is my favorite souvenir from that day. It always brings to mind that saying, “If the shoe fits…”)

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37 thoughts on “If The Shoe Fits”

  1. Oh, I love moments like these. I would have been so distracted and laughing every time I looked down. I know you aren't supposed to "talk" with WW…but I'm glad you did. You were really worried we would think this was you, tell the truth!!! LOLOff to read more of your posts!

  2. Good Lord! I've squeezed my foot into a few shoes but I've never bought any of them! Eeek! That doesnt look too hot. Happy Wednesday!I played too.

  3. OMG — That is so freaking funny — I know she didn't think she looked hot with little piggy sticking out! Thanks for coming by today!

  4. Oh…Awesome!!! LOLGotta love those crazy moments, glad you caught that on film…just great!Hey, what is *We Heart Art*? This is the first I have heard of it.Have a good one…

  5. @ Tami, Cheryl, Fearless Mom: She didn't have a clue that I was taking the picture. I switched seats with my brother and pretended to take a picture of him from an overhead angle… meanwhile, I zoomed in on her feet! We could barely contain ourselves. It was just like how we were in church when we were kids!

  6. Omigod! I am sitting here with my mouth wide open in disgust ~~~~ and hilarity!I can't even imagine how she could be out in public like that! And how in the world were you able to sit NEXT to her, snap a pic and NOT BUST OUT LAUGHING!?Jennifer, that is one of the best pics I've ever seen. Realy. It is…..

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