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Poop Stories

*Please be advised: You are about to read a post involving a very proud, first-time Mommy
discuss baby bowels. If you find this type of talk off-putting, please, avert your eyes.*

In the past several weeks, my baby boy has made the transition from one hundred percent milk drinking to 60/40 milk and solids. It has been a most exciting time for our family, because watching this little guy eat real food is akin to watching someone open presents on Christmas day, every day. But just like Christmas, there’s always a mess to clean up afterwards. Consequences, really, to all this ‘solid food joy’. The not so pleasant side to changing eating habits? Dealing with the changes ‘down there’. Lemme ‘splain:

Frequency: There has been an increase in baby butt activity. All of a sudden, I’m going from changing two to three poopy diapers a day, to nine! I wonder if it’s genetic, because if it is, my sweet boy seems to be taking after his father. It brings a tear to my eye…

Texture: Without getting into too much detail, he went from ‘Natural Peanut Butter’ to various shaped ‘Playdoh nuggets’.

Peanut butter on toast

Color: Like Skittles, it’s the colors of the rainbow nowadays.

Smell: As soon as I open his diaper, *POOF*, there’s an odd whiff of morning breath! Some may say, “Oh come on! I’ll take morning breath over poopy smell any day!” No my friends. No. Don’t say such things. ‘Essence De Morning Breath’ is not something to mess with nine times a day. That’s why it’s called ‘morning’ breath and not ‘all day’ breath – smelling it once during the day is all one can stand and still stay alive.

Ah, friends. My life has turned into Monkeyland, and the topic of interest is always my baby’s doo-doo pie. This phase will pass – and not soon enough for some of you, I know – but let me enjoy this moment. Soon enough, he’ll be able to use the bathroom on his own, and all I’ll have to sustain me are the sweet memories of washing doo from under my nails, and holding my breath to the point of tears. Sweet, sweet memories.

24 thoughts on “Poop Stories”

  1. Welcome to the club! But I need to ask: "Nine times..really? Sweet Jesus, what is that child eating? At that rate, what isn't he eating? Hopefully things will slow down soon. Enjoy this time.

  2. LOL, uh… you still have to deal with the poopies even after they go in the bathroom.. MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY! Look it's florescent greeeeeen! Looks like a snake toooooo! You walk in and WHAM.. you instantly have tears in your eyes. Awwwww how I wish I didn't have to go in there.. I BEG hubby.. pleade..bribe him with sex.. he still REFUSES! LOLGood luck!You crack me up Jennifer!

  3. That made me laugh! :) I always forget to hold my breath and then WHAM! I reel from the smell… but (sigh!) I did want to be Florence Nightingale when I was little. Never bargained for this, though.

  4. hey jennifer,poop stories are always funny! sometimes it's the "small stuff" that cracks me up! ooo someday you'll remember all of this and smile!o yes, duck duck goose… now you are it, check out my blog… i tagged you…happy day!shelley

  5. I don't know why, but whenever my kids were little, poop was always a big topic of discussion. My sister and I could sit and talk about it all the time. DROVE OUR HUSBANDS NUTS. They didn't get it! Although… now that I think about it, it was a little crazy.Blog hopping and I keep seeing your comments, thought I better come by and say hello!

  6. Awwww, poop….it's a never-ending topic when you're a mom. When I get together with friends, somehow the conversation always ends up on poop. This was a beautiful post, that someday your son will get a good giggle from!

  7. haha at the "playdoh nuggets"!! You think it's colorful now wait until he is eating fruit snacks. We're talking a whole new spectrum of color! Sorry to say though, you have awhile to go with the wiping of the butt. Carson is 4 and still hasn't mastered the feat :o)

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