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Hiking Lake Mead And Red Rock Canyon

Trekking down Las Vegas Boulevard may be considered a hike for some (the main drag runs approximately two and half miles, one way). Others, still, may consider the short walk from their hotel room to the casino floor the hike of a lifetime. Personally, I’m good walking around the mall, but that’s not the case for my husband. When he’s in the mood, we go on ‘real’ hiking adventures, to places like Lake Mead and Red Rock Canyon:

Lake Mead

Red Rock Canyon

I may not get to eat a warm pretzel or a chocolate chip cookie on these walks, but I manage, especially for views like these.

15 thoughts on “Hiking Lake Mead And Red Rock Canyon”

  1. Wow! My version of a hike is heading out to our local park…two blocks from my house. Although I must admit that the sites you captured on film are WAY better than the city streets where I live. :)

    Truly breathtaking. I heart Las Vegas.


  2. great pics, found you on MBC I look forward to following you and I hope you will check out my blogshttp://ehaggins.blogspot.com

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