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A Happy Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day! I hope you’re getting to enjoy it. I hope you’re getting a break today and not having to do any of this stuff:

Clean the house
Clean the garage
Run up and down the stairs to catch a naked child
Give the dog a bath
Give the kid(s) a bath
Get the oil changed in your car
Wash the car
Grocery shop
Pay bills
Deal with a bad neighbor
Yard work

If you have or are going to have to do something (or all the things) on this list, then here’s to YOU! Happy Mother’s Day! Also, a laugh offering for today (if you want the UNcensored version, check it out on YouTube!):

17 thoughts on “A Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. hahaha I left Vegas this morning at 4:00am made it back to my house at 7:46am! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!It was hot, but NICE! I wish you would have called, would have loved going to lunch with ya. My older sons dad lives in Vegas, we had a HUGE dinner, you could have come and had home made Italian! was delish!Hope you have a WONDERFUL MOTHERS DAY!HuGZTami

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you too!! I hope you're having a very relaxing day (and hopefully your hubby is changing the poopy diapers today!)

  3. Oh snap! Mother's Day means a break from all those "fun" things on that list. I think someone forgot to send the memo to the Hubster and my kids! lol HAPPY Mama's Day to you!!!

  4. Well I had to do four of the things listed, but that's ok. I was going to bake myself a cake but then thought heck no, I'm just gonna buy one, which I did LOL.Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

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