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Change of Address

We’ve moved! That’s right, me and my baby! We moved in with my husband Saturday night! Wait, you don’t understand? Well, let’s put it this way: what started out as a matter of convenience, turned into an awesome sleeping arrangement.

When my baby first came home, my husband and I didn’t know which end was up. The baby’s sleep schedule was outrageous. My husband’s job requires serious alertness to stay safe, so he needed to get enough sleep every night. The only way to accomplish that was for me and the baby to sleep in the living room: me on the couch, the baby in his bassinet. This lasted the first month.

In the second month, the baby and I tried sleeping in the master bedroom. By then, I was used to the baby’s sleep schedule, and Huzz, understandably, was not. On top of that, Cranky Pants McGee didn’t get why our one-month-old was crying so much (??!!). It got to the point where I stressed out whenever the baby cried, because I was so stinking worried about my husband waking up and having a tantrum. Of all the… it wasn’t worth the frayed nerves, so I moved into the nursery with the baby.

At first, I was bummed about our sleeping arrangements – I missed my husband and my bed! But I didn’t want to sleep in a different room than my baby. I didn’t want to waste time and precious sleep, walking back and forth from one room to another, when the baby needed me. So I pouted. But only for the first night.

You see, it had been several years since I slept in a bed all by myself. I forgot what it was like to sleep in a bed without fighting for the covers. It’d been a while since I slept without someone snoring and farting in his sleep next to me. And a very, very long time since I slept spread eagle on my stomach, in the middle of the bed. I realized soon enough that in a house where someone’s paws are always on you, sleeping in a bed alone was quite refreshing! I got back in touch with my personal space in no time.

Change of Address

Of course, my husband was on me about coming back to sleep in our room the whole time. And I had to agree; it’d been way too long for us to sleep apart like that. I’ve missed sleeping next to him. I can even admit that I’ve missed his snoring, bed hogging, and rough feet scrubbing off the skin on my legs. So what if I lose my sleeping freedom (and leg skin)? I’m getting Snuggle Time back! And you know about “Snuggle Time” – it can be just as ‘refreshing’. SHE SAID IT.

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  1. Man I did the same thing! It's like we lived in a parallel universe or something! I really hope you can somehow keep your leg skin though, with summer coming and all… ;)

  2. I remember those days. Having to night fight the cover battle is nice from time to time, but I think I prefer snuggles to having all the blankies. Hope it all works out with you all being in the same room!

  3. LOL, I have to agree with Sherry, you may be back in the nursery soon!I know what you mean about sleeping apart, I wait up for my #2 son, on the weekends, and end up sleeping on the couch until he returns home, by that time its so late I'd rather just stay on the couch. I miss the rough skin on my legs and the squeeze of his hands on my butt, heh heh. honk, honk he says as he grabs hold of a body part. LOL

  4. You bring back memories when I have mine first time. One thing I did not experience was sleeping alone in a separate bed because our little bundle of joy slept in our bed with us. I would have loved the "alone time" :)

  5. What a hoot!!! This was so funny and yet amazingly familiar at the same time!!!Glad you moved back!!!Im in the process of doing that myself…(wink, wink) hee

  6. *LOL* HUB absolutely refused to let me or him move out during this phase. So we suffered for about 6 months with each child. I couldn't nurse lying down so I'd have to sit on the edge of the bed… yeah… would you believe I'd actually fall asleep like that, in a sitting position. *L*One time my SIL and I went to the big city for a conference and the biggest highlight was that I was going to get my own bed. I told her there was no way I wanted to do the drive/boat ride all in one day because I was so looking forward to that bed to myself. So we're contemplating a King Size bed. :)

  7. Glad to hear the move was successful and now you and hubby can have what you call snuggle time again. wink. Kids and work are tough glad to see you guys work thru it.

  8. this is what i love about a kig sized bed…you CAN meet in the middle *wink* but hit your separate corners for room to sleeeep!I am Mamarazzi and I am a Welcomista from SITS. I am here to welcome you to the SITStahood! You are going to LOVE this amazing community of women. Stop at Dandelion Wishes and say hello and if you like follow me. I do a drawing for fun prizes each month EXCLUSIVELY from my list of followers…just for following, no need to stop in and comment everyday (though you might wanna, but who has time?) just follow…pretty cool right?! yeah, that's how I roll.

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