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April Sniffles Bring May Sneezing

Spring means one thing for me: someone is sneezing, rubbing their eyes, or blowing their nose because of hay fever, dust, or pollen. And that someone is usually me.

Allergies. Who needs ‘em? Actually, I’m dealing with itchy eyes, clogged ears, and a stuffy head right now. I’m the picture of spring beauty, aren’t I?

You know what’s bad? The older I get, the more things pop up on my allergy radar. When I lived in Californa, I lived an allergy-free life. No runny nose, unless I had a cold. Not a sneeze to be heard, unless I was showering in pepper – try it, it’s fun. However, when I moved to Las Vegas (a.k.a. Dust Bowl Central), guess what I found out? I’m allergic to dust.

Three years ago, I found out that I’m allergic to long pet hair dander. While visiting the only friend of mine that had a longhaired dog, I’d immediately get the sniffles as soon as her sweet Saint Bernhard sat next to me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I was allergic to her dog, so instead, I opted for the passive-aggressive way out: I stopped going to her house. I would make up excuses for us to meet anywhere but at her house to save myself from cutting off my nose. To this day I’m convinced she and her dog think I hate big dogs… *sniff*

Two years ago, when HABL and I moved into our house, I found out I was allergic to pine tree pollen. During our first spring here, the gigantic pine tree in our yard decided to drop its pollen and coat our entire front yard (front door, cars, and driveway included) in neon green pollen. Imagine my sneezing fit stepping outside of the house! I didn’t immediately make the connection, so I was more than confused when I’d wake up with a sore throat and itchy eyes every morning.

I have to tell you friends, even as bad as it is, I’m not taking anything for it. Call me crazy, but I don’t want to use allergy meds. I know what you’re saying, “But wait a minute! Allergy medicine will clear it right up, silly!” Well, my mom has pretty bad allergies, too, and was prescribed some allergy medicine that you spray in your nose? She just got her sense of smell back after a year of not having it! Yeesh. I’ll stick with the saline solution, use my netty pot, and just deal with it. At least my schnoz is working properly and draining…

Anyway, I’m wondering what’ll be added to my allergy list this year. At the rate I’m going, anything’s possible: I could become allergic to cereal, or worse, root beer floats.

16 thoughts on “April Sniffles Bring May Sneezing”

  1. I feel your pain! This has actually happened to me. I was able to drink orange juice up to a few years ago and now I am extremely allergic to it. Strange! I wonder what will be next!I also have seasonal allergies and only use saline sprays and vicks.

  2. I know what you mean, my mom living in Vegas has allergies so bad now she can't WAIT to come home! I'm sorry, your not feeling well. Think positive, soon you'll be back in Cali, and NO MORE! YAAAAAAAAY.I've become allergic to dairy products! Can you believe that? I can NO longer have cereal! Noooooooooooooooo, I LOVE CEREAL! Salad bowl filled to the rim with Capt'n Crunch P'nut butter cereal. *drool. For that reason alone I now give Caleb ALL organic Dairy. LOL. He loves cereal, and I want him to enjoy it for the rest of his life..LOLFeel better!!HuGZ

  3. I'm with you… Got out at 4am today to bring my 13yo to school – a block away from us- for a Boston overnite field trip and I came home sneezing endlessly …And you can probably hear my sneeze all the way from your bedroom!Can't wait for all these pollen whatever – to be washed away.Have a great week, and btw, pick up your one lovely blog award!

  4. My son gets really bad springtime allergies. We think we have it narrowed down to freshly cut grass because everytime someone mows their lawn he gets puffy red eyes and sniffly. I always feel so bad for him because he looks so miserable.

  5. Hey glad to know that that refreshed you …I m sure it also made your glow ever sweeter .. :-)Allergy?Oops … but you will look all rose and pink then ..You want some ayurvedic medicines from India ?

  6. I'm glad I've never had to deal with allergies myself! My son has had a couple of allergy flair ups, but the pediatrician could never pin point exactly what caused it, since it only happened twice… Hopefully it doesn't ever get bad for him.

  7. i hate hate hate pollen and we have a TON of it around here, it is getting on my house, on my cars, on my plants, and most def on my nerves! so i feel your pain! and i'm also allergic to pet hair which is a bummer because my kids always wanted a dog, o well, i'd end up taking care of that to, so that wasn't so bad! lol.. anyhow i'm bestowing you with an award which i hope you will stop by my blog and pick up!hugs,shelley

  8. I feel for you. I am so lucky not to have allergies that I can only imagine how annoying it is to have to deal with it ALL the time. Have you checked out a naturopath? There's one in my city that actually offers allergy cures. Some sort of thing where she puts drops under your tongue and apparently it only takes one or two treatments. They only treat a couple of allergies at a time. The feedback is remarkable so maybe they have something like that around you. Just a thought. :)

  9. Don't worry…I won't say anything about the snot hanging from your nose, or your baggy eyes, raspy voice or your sneeze spray! heh heh…hope it gets better soon!

  10. Allergies suck! I don't have any……..yet?! Knock on wood! However, I sure have seen a lot of people suffering from them. Hoping you feel better soon!

  11. So I'm going through the SITS blog roll when who do I bump into? Howdy Friend!I've been feeling the same way lately. My brothers wedding is tomorrow and I can't stop coughing. Rehearsal dinner tonight. I'm exhausted. Hope you feel better soon. Can you overdose on the netty pot?

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