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On Rachel Ray this morning, one of her guests said that she had “The Talk” with her daughter when her daughter was four-years-old. I’m sure she must have been exaggerating… then again, maybe not.

I never got “The Talk”. I don’t know if it was just my parents’ generation, or if it’s just not done in the old school Filipino community, but my parents kept their mouths sealed like a tomb, and I had to learn about it in the schoolyard. Sure, there was Sex Ed in the fifth grade, but watching black and white videos from the 1950s? Useless.

My question today?

How old were you when you got “The Talk”?


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38 thoughts on “The Talk”

  1. LOL, my brother was the one who told me, AND I QUOTE. A guy touches any part of your anatomy, your breastest, or your kitty, I'll kill him. Repeat after me Tamerina, NO ONE TOUCHES YOUR BODY. UNTIL YOUR MARRIED. Or I'll KILL HIM. Say it. remember it. DON'T TOUCH BOYS EITHER. (when my parents divorced my older brother was left in charge by my dad) He took my brother aside and said you're the man now, you take care of your sisters) understand?My brother took my hand, and walked me to the car. and from that point on, If a boy even looked at me or my sister wrong, he got beat up. Talk about traumatic! That was my talk. I learned the rest from the school yard, and Judy Blooms "FOREVER" book. LOLWhich he found and THREW IN THE TRASH. From that point on, Everything had to be looked at before I was allowed to read it. BY MY BROTHER!

  2. Mom gave me the talk in 4th grade, because she wanted to beat that icky boys-in-one-room-girls-in-the-other video they showed us at school to the punch. It was the bare bones, sex is for procreating version.

  3. Never. And when I was older, I asked why she never talked to me about it, and she said she thought it would encourage things that weren't on my mind! I have 2 girls and can truly appreciate how tough it is for a mom to talk about with her girls. My oldest in 4.5 and I talk to her a bit. When she asks where babies come from, I have answered her honestly, but of course, she doesn't get it. I will talk more in the next few years, so it doesn't feel taboo to her. I just don't want her to be like me, a 14 year old girl who still thinks babies come out the belly. Well…I guess they often do, but you know what I mean!We plan to get her the boo

  4. I never got the talk from my Mom. She gave me some books. At school in ninth grade maybe we got the talk about girl stuff. In high school we got everything.

  5. The talk for me came in strange, cryptic snippets, as I asked questions, and I remained quite confused for quite a while, wait…oh no…that's exactly what I have done to MY children!! SOB!!!

  6. Filipinos DON'T do the talk!So I never really got the talk BUT I did start talking to my daughter about it when she was 10.My boys by the time we thought we had to do the talk with them, they already knew( except my 8yo !)Have a great weekend!

  7. My mother is a biology major. She always would tell us things at age appropriate times. We knew that a baby was not in our mother's tummy and the right names for all body parts. With that said when I was teaching 8th grade health at an all girls school it floored me how little some of the kids knew.

  8. I don't remember ever really getting "The Talk" my Mom handed me a book called "A Doctor Talks to 9 to 12 year olds" lol I think the less I was aware of the more I was protected.. I really didn't know much until my 20's lol However, now days its know things at the age of 5.. I wonder is that because we give them the talk so young.. or because society flashes it everywhere..

  9. I was 14 and that "talk" was awkward, my mom cheated and talked to me & my two sisters at the same time and it was weird. My sisters had questions I just wanted to get back outside to ride my bike!!

  10. I think I got it in first or second grade … which is strange because I haven't given my oldest the talk and he hasn't given me any indication he even knows about "it"… hmmm

  11. You know what's so weird…I never got "the talk." I think I heard more about it in class than anywhere else! But, I never really understood till I was an adult. I know..weird, huh?

  12. My mom's talk was more like "You better not be, and you know what I'm talking about"Crazy, seeing as she normally talks everything else to death!Mom, gotta love her.

  13. I was 10. I saw a show here a couple went to bed one night kissing and by the magic of TV, they were pregnant in the next scene. Little did I know that there was more time in between the kissing scene and the scene when she found out she was pregnant. SO I asked about it. I think my mom was a little over zealous. All I needed to know what that "No babies didn't happen when people kissed." I wasn't curious about anymore than that.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm feeling a good day of packing today, and some relaxing tomorrow (Sun). I too had older generation parents (I grew up in the 60s), and never got the "talk", but did see that OLD film at school in 7th grade (1970) I believe! I am very open with my daughter. She is 12, and we've had the talk and she can ask me anything. Sometimes she will ask what something means, and then say "or don't I want to know" as she is a little uncomfortable with some things!!!Have a great weekend!

  15. My mom was great and gave me the 'talk' when I was around 9 or 10. However, the stuff that was flying around the school playground was soooooo much more interesting and exciting. It takes a village, I guess.

  16. I got the talk in 6th grade from a friend of mine…thats usually the way it happened for me! LOLThen I would tell my mom what I learned and she would go bonkers because I was just too young.Oh those were the days!( I think 4 is way too young.)

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