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The Adjustment Period

I miss my sleep.

Since my “move” back into the Master Bedroom, I’ve had to make some adjustments:

  1. I’ve been getting up more at night. I’m talking four or five times, just like the early days! All because I’m not co-sleeping anymore (*sniff*). Lemme tell you, I hate having to physically get up out of bed. What a waste of time and energy! I wish Monkey could just sleep in the bed with us.
  2. We have to sleep with the AC and fan on all night long, because my husband runs hot. The baby and I both have the sniffles from it!
  3. Did I mention that I’m not sleeping very well? I have to deal with a crying baby and a snoring man. At. The. Same. Time.

This new arrangement is killing me. I’m more tired now than ever, I just want to cry. But on the upside, it’s great to see my husband’s face in the mornings.

The Adjustment Period

I need more of this now.

I’ve also been a little on edge about my husband possibly being frustrated with the baby crying in the middle of the night, and me getting in and out of bed to tend to him. I wanted to ask him what he thought about our new sleeping arrangements, but decided to keep quiet in case I didn’t like what I heard.

But after dinner the other night, my he said to me, “I’ve been sleeping so well the past couple of nights!” I thought he was all jokes, so I said, “It’s because we’re all sleeping together now, huh?” *snort, snort* I was surprised to hear him say ‘yes’. Puzzled, I said, “Even when the baby cries?” He looked at me confused, then said, “Cries? When? I haven’t heard him cry?” I guess this guy can sleep through anything. If only I could do the same. There goes my plot to get him to banish me to another room, to my own, sweet bed…

15 thoughts on “The Adjustment Period”

  1. "I haven't heard him cry…."OH TYPICAL!!! lolI hate having to get physically out of bed. Luckily I don't have to get up because of the kids but I swear my bladder gets me up everytime. I try to just sleep it off (like having to pee will just go away?) and end up tossing and turning and crossing my legs…yeah. Should've just gotten out of bed!

  2. LOL!!!!! Boo, you are going through it!!!! That man loves you, so much!!!!! I love that he can sleep the crying, therefore, you don't have to be nervous anymore… You Need A Spa Day!!!! P.S. I can' t sleep with no air condition either. I would be a mess the next day!!!!

  3. That's hilarious!!! My hubby used to be like that too….he snored so loud he never heard any of the kids wake up! But I'm much meaner than you….I'd wake him up and say "the babies are crying…it's YOUR turn". Don't worry about laughing at the tantrum video…everytime I watch it I laugh hysterically.

  4. Jim was a big help when Corbin was an infant – when he was home, that is, and I so looked forward to getting at least one full night of sleep a week. Jim's snoring is out of control. He has bought every imaginable gadget on the market to cease the snoring, but nothing works. When he sleeps in bed with me I often end up tossing and turning all night and feeling like a zombie the next day from lack of sleep.I like the nights when he falls asleep early on the sofa so I can tiptoe upstairs to bed and have a good night of sleep – in peace!

  5. Oh…I have the exact same problems with my husband. Getting up during the night is just exhausting…so now I have been sleeping on the couch after waking up the 1st time….then Im in bed before hubby wakes up. (Everyone wins)

  6. you can always bring the baby in bed with you- I always have done that with all three of my kids. Unfortunately – I still have one in bed with me . . . and ugh – my hubbie snores- THE WORST!!!!!!!

  7. That is why men aren't the mommies I guess! Why can't they hear these things??? My husband kicked our first born our of our room by the time he was 2 months. I spent so many nights in and out of bed that I think I'm not a full 10 years older than my actual age.By the third one, he never said a thing and she slept with us for a year. If your husband is snoring, he probably wouldn't notice if you brought that little one back in to snuggle for a while :)

  8. Now that is funny and so my hubby too. He never heard LL cry. I, on the other hand, am the lightest sleeper. I am and always have been an awful sleeper. And so tired since we had our little guy. He sleeps like a champ, its just me!!!try to get some rest.

  9. I feel ya sister. Same dilemma at our house on baby #3. Hubbie wants the babe (well, big boy really) out. We tried it a while back and babe and I got no sleep, while hubbie was dreamily snoring. I'd rather hubbie get his own big boy bed, lol.

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