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Life In Las Vegas – Lake Mead

This past weekend was pretty enjoyable for my family. The weather was so good, we decided to take a walk to the park. HBL played some basketball, while Monkey and I cheered from the sidelines. It was a beautiful weekend, and it made me enjoy living in Las Vegas.

[Random: I’m writing this post with extremely heavy eyelids this morning. Since Spring has sprung, the cats in the neighborhood have chosen the space below my window in the bedroom as their ‘make-out’ point. Eeew.]

You may be wondering how I can live in Las Vegas, what with the temperatures matching the surface of the sun in the summertime, and it being called “Sin City” and all – it sure doesn’t lend itself to being a place to start a family and raise your precious babies in, does it? It may seem like the only thing happening in Las Vegas is The Strip, but that’s really not the case! I want to bring a different point of view to the table, because when you live here and have found those people, places and things that help you make a meaningful life here – surprise, surprise! – living in Las Vegas is great.

One place that has turned into our sanctuary is Lake Mead. This place is huge, stretching 110 miles away from Hoover Dam. We love to visit this place every chance we get to fish, swim, boat and relax in peace and quiet – far from the hustle and bustle of tourists and The Strip.

Life-In-Las-Vegas---Lake-Mead-1The beginning of our fishing set-up


Life-In-Las-Vegas---Lake-Mead-2HBL and our dog hard at work baiting my hook


Life-In-Las-Vegas---Lake-Mead-3These carp are mostly located at the Marina. I think they’re gross.


Life-In-Las-Vegas---Lake-Mead-4The water levels here are the lowest in its history (and it’s still sinking, unfortunately),
but it sure does make for some beautiful colored rock!

I hope you liked the other side of the proverbial Las Vegas coin. And maybe next time you consider visiting, you’ll remember there are other things worth seeing away from the casinos and the spectacle on The Strip!

Well, that was fun! I think I’ll be sharing more about real life out here… Look out for more about life in Las Vegas!

13 thoughts on “Life In Las Vegas – Lake Mead”

  1. My husband and I spent several days in Lake Mead about 10 years ago before we had kids. Beautiful area – I remember this one place but we always kid around about the name so I'm not sure what exactly it is called. We call it "fire in the belly" state park!

  2. Wow Jennifer…what beautiful pictures! Lake Mead does sound absolutely gorgeous…I would love to visit Vegas someday and definately Lake Mead and Hoover Dam!It was nice to hear about where you live and what areas you love to visit! (PS…I LOVE Biscuit…so cute.)

  3. Thanks for sharing! Vegas is one of the places I have yet to visit! That is on my list! Thanks for showing the pics! Happy Monday! Ps. I love the image of cats mating outside your window! It made me smile!

  4. Your so right! Nothing to do there and 99.9% of the women all have FULL body make-up on (I feel like I'm the Vegas shows) when I'm at the grocery store heh heh.I live at Walmart when I go visit my mom. LOL

  5. I agree, Lake Mead looks awesome, no wonder it's a favorite place to visit. I've only been to Vegas a couple of times, but there's so much sound and light and people and gambling and cocktails that I can't process it all. I am looking forward to your next post, maybe next time we visit we can see something other than the commercial aspect :)

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