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Mommy’s Body

This morning, I woke up to a very strange sensation: my baby using my face as a trampoline.

This afternoon, while we were playing with his infamous stacking cups, he stopped a moment to look at my hair. He must not have liked it, because in the next moment, he was pulling it out of my head.

No one told me my body was a multifaceted wonder:

Today, it’s a hand, but tomorrow? Oh, the possibilities!

10 thoughts on “Mommy’s Body”

  1. Mouth and ears playdoh! LOL!Ooh the fun of babies! I don't call my older children boys.. I call them mutants. My body was distorted when I delivered them! I'm still their step stool ..except they use my head now instead of my boobs..LOL

  2. I cant wait for the day that my boobs aren't pacifiers anymore! I haven't been able to go out and have a drink with the girls in a year and a half. Stay tuned for a drunk mommy update…

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