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I Love Granny

Panties, that is.

I know most women are partial to a particular style when it comes to their underwear. But come on. Don’t you look forward to the days when you get to wear your grannies?

Currently, I have several pairs of granny underwear in rotation. That’s right, in rotation, even when Aunt Flo isn’t visiting. How can anyone resist that above-the-belly-button waistband? There is just something so right about the fit!

Personally, wearing granny underwear makes me feel safe, secure, and supported. It’s like a great, big hug in the places that count. Like a warm, fluffy bed after a hard day of work… a hot bath… an ice cold drink after a long, sweaty work out… aaahhh, relief!

You may be wondering what HBL thinks of my undergarment situation? Well, I’ve asked him plenty of times if it bothered him. And of course, he’s said no. I’m sure if I dug a little deeper he would eventually admit that he’d like to see me in sexier underpants. But I don’t find that any more digging is necessary. Granny and I like things just the way they are.

11 thoughts on “I Love Granny”

  1. Bless the Grannies. As if us women don't have to put up with an unlimited amount of uncomfortable things to worry about already: childbirth, epidorals that wear off before childbirth, thongs, underwires, etc. Bring on those Granny panties. Luv your courage with this one.

  2. I'm a granny at heart, as well. When, may I ask, do I get some jeans that actually cover my backside and the grannies? I've had enough with stuffing myself in these low cut numbers that give me muffins in a place that was never meant to have muffins. Sigh. Go grannies!

  3. I bought my first pair when I was about 8 months pregnant with my son. It was like a hug from God. So comfy. My son is 16 months old, and I still can't force myself back in a thong. How did I ever wear those?Hubby isn't a big fan, but sometimes I just want to be comfy.

  4. OMGOODNESS I thought I was the only one that was stuck in the granny panty world. They are so comfy. I hate it when my underwear rolls. Nothing uglier than seeing someone shift their ginch up. Hubby may like sexier panties but I figure I can always put them on when necessary. I'll even pull out the sexy butterfly thong but wear it all day, everyday that I can not do!

  5. Hi Jennifer. It's Jo from Under the Influence stopping in to say hello.Personally, I'm partial to NO undies. I love it at the end of the day when I can put on my pj's or lounge pants because then I can go commando!

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