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Darn That Paula Deen!

I’ve written about that darned Paula Deen before, and her temptress ways. Well, she’s at it again! I was very busy working on Dreamboat this evening, when I happened to hear her voice in the background, talking about Bananas Foster.

I hate to admit how easily I can be distracted, especially when it comes to food, but what could I do? She was waving butter in my face! I had no other choice but to succumb to her siren song. I was watching her intently:

Slice the bananas, y’all (slice, slice)
Melt that buttaah! (siiizzle)
Mix in the brown sugaaah… (bubbling)
And don’t fuhget the dark rum (sip, sip)

The drool was threatening to leak out of my mouth and wet my shirt.

A Message to Ms. Paula Deen:

Paula, stop this nonsense! It’s just not right. Until someone invents some sort of Sci-Fi / George Jetson portal where I can stick my head through the TV set and smell and taste what you’re cooking, stop making the good stuff. A girl should not have to suffer like this. Instead, make something I can resist: brown rice and boiled cabbage.

16 thoughts on “Darn That Paula Deen!”

  1. AMEN sista, what is with that? I'm pavlov whenever Paula Dean speaks and my bootie lights up just hearing the word "buttah"! I once saw her on Larry King and she was so funny talking about her hair color. "Honey, I just use that purple shampoo and call it good."

  2. hahahaah Caleb (our 6 year old) watches Food Network! His favorite? Paula Dean..He says.. Y'alllllllll, and he's a BUTTER fanatic! She's sinful in a Ooh so delicious way! LOL

  3. Well, guess what…I made it! Yep…that's the problem. I see it, want it and make it! It happens to be a family favorite so I took it as a sign. It was soooo good, too! LOL

  4. I can't ever watch Paula. Everything she makes I always get tempted and have to go and make it because it looks so good. So much for watching the waist line when I watch her. LOL.

  5. Thank you Paula, but this girl never forgets the rum! I asked for a Paula cookbook for Christmas and my mom said that probably wasn't a good idea considering I was trying to lose all that weight. But I love buttah.

  6. @ Veronica – Veronica, she's an American cook who believes in cooking with as much butter, sugar, mayonnaise, and cream cheese as possible… and everything she makes looks DELICIOUS! ;-)

  7. I love her. She gets me every time. She makes these things called fried grits with sausage. Let me just warn you…good for the soul BAD for the heart!

  8. ooooh, it looks GOOD!!! Nigella Lawson gets me in a bit too although I try to stay away from cooking shows…as if there's not already temptation enough everywhere I look, do I need it on the TV screen as well?

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