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Baby Broomer

When I was growing up, we always had carpet. I loved the plush, pillow-y feeling underfoot when I walked. And you have to know that those orderly, evenly spaced vacuum marks appealed to my anal-retentive ways. But over the years (and thanks to too many episodes of exploding dog butts), I have become terrified of carpet, and the many, many ways in which you can and must clean it. For that reason, we have wood flooring in our home. But I’m too lazy to sweep on a regular basis, so the dust bunnies collect until it starts to look like, well, carpet.

This evening, Monkey Boy wanted out of his baby gated community bad. Usually, I don’t let him crawl around on the floor because of the “bunny” population, but this kid gives good face: one look into his pleading baby eyes, and next thing I know, he’s on the other side of the fence, crawling around.

I let him crawl around in our hallway and watched him collect dust on his clothes before I finally picked him up. And the only reason I did that was because I was ashamed of myself for enjoying the newly cleaned floor. My husband, on the other hand, thought it would’ve been a great idea to let him keep going all the way into the family room. He even suggested getting him a special dusting outfit. Something like this:

Baby Broomer

Aren’t we great parents?

16 thoughts on “Baby Broomer”

  1. *LOL* exploding doggy butts? I don't wanna know. I too can relate to the wood floor dust bunny situation. Fortunately, hubby helps me out with the sweeping.. who needs to sweep under furniture.. what are you, crazy???P.s. I too love the vacuum lines on carpet. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something and proof of it all at the same time! :)

  2. Just added more wood floors to my home which means more dust which means more cleaning. I'm thinking on adding more window coverings to block the sun that seems to highlite all that dust.

  3. Okay, this one I can totally relate to! Those bunnies get totally worse with dog hair. We dont have a dog anymore so we dont have as bad of a problem as we used to. I totally think that you should go for that baby outfit though! You know that the Japanese know what their doing. I mean what can be better than your baby getting exercise and you get clean floors all at once. This way you get to kill two birds with one stone. ;)

  4. I love the outfit! The idea is great, too, why didn't I think of this when my kids were younger? Man, they sure have invented some great baby stuff.As my mother in law says, "A little dirt never killed anybody." I was sure she was wrong, but my kids have lived through my lack of attention to cleaning detail :)

  5. LOL, on the exploding dog butts! I've had that problem myself! hardwood floors rock!I'll loan you our oldest son who is anal retentive over clean floors. Okay, alright, I am too,,,,LoL. I should have allowed Caleb the privileged of doing it for me though! BRILLIANT!You crack me up.

  6. That picture cracks me up!I've got hard wood floors, two cats, two dogs, 1 baby, a husband-child, and a partridge in a pear tree … so I fully understand the feeling.I feel like I am always sweeping and mopping my floors. I even bought those stupid slippers that are supposed to allow you to 'clean' the floor while you walk. And, they just MIGHT work if when you walk you did so like you were skiing!! =) Just another novelty that sucked me in and took my money!! hahaDespite having to clean the floors so often, I still prefer them over the carpet we had when we first built our house.

  7. Bawhaaaaa @ explosive dog butts. Ewwwww. I want one of those. I NEED one of those. We have tile floors and I'm just imagine a lot less cleaning for me. Since baby can't contribute to the household income – put him to work on the floors!

  8. awesome…this is why I can't read your blog at work. I'm trying really hard to contain my laughter, but seriously…you are effing HIGHlarious.

  9. we are moving next year to a house with wood floors and i can't wait, not because i look forward to the sweeping-but because wall to wall carpeting with four little boys and a dog is too much work! hubby just finished doing the quarterly carpet shampooing last night!

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