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It’s All About Me

And what exactly do you know about me, besides the fact that I’m the only girl in my house? Or that I’m addicted to food? And kill plants? Well now, let me tell you! This week’s Top Ten list: ten random facts about yours truly!

Top Ten Random Facts About Me by

Top Ten Random Facts About Me

  1. I eat pepperoni pizza dipped in ranch dressing
  2. I love to cry when watching movies. Especially when I cry so hard, I make whimpering sounds. It feels so good.
  3. I don’t want anyone to touch me if they haven’t washed their hands after eating
  4. If I had a choice, 75% of the TV I would watch would be HGTV and Food Network
  5. I have been boy band crazy since Menudo on ABC and Duran Duran. I was even a cougar for the Jonas Brothers a while ago…
  6. I can’t watch really old people eat. It goes back to a story about lunchtime in kindergarten…
  7. I used to need thirteen hours of sleep to be civil (before having kids)
  8. I like walking barefoot on cement, but I don’t like walking barefoot on grass
  9. I love to cry when watching movies. Especially when I cry so hard, I make whimpering sounds. It feels so good.

Any interesting tid bits you’d like for me to know about yourself? Dish!

I love memes. Wait, you too? WE’RE TWINS! Why not take a break and play Top Ten, then? If you blog, grab my button, choose your Top Ten topic (you can use mine!), post it on your blog, and leave your link in the comments below. If you don’t blog, play along by leaving your list in the comments, too!

Have fun!

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19 thoughts on “It’s All About Me”

  1. I'm always amazed by how much u and I have in common. We are both the only girls in a family of men. Aside from beloved poodle Harley Dog. I too wanted a girl, but I now know that it was my calling to raise boys. I love to sing, but unlike you, I only sing in the minivan and the shower. And as for Pizza. Seriously, I could eat that for every meal.

  2. I love hgtv too. It's pretty much all I watch these days (besides the movies I watch for work that is) tidbit about me… I'm picky about how I make my sandwiches…, only like mayo if it's on top of a slightly salt and peppered tomatoe. Mayo does not just get slathered on bread. Don't know why but it just doesn't taste right. :)

  3. Rachel, Tami – Fellow Duranies?!Ranch, ranch, ranch, ranch, raaaaanch! I love it so much, I tried to make my own from scratch… Not so much.Mary, we are twins separated at birth. You have to know this…Zee. Hmmm. I like your style. I will have to try this. :-)

  4. Jennifer—were we seperated at birth? I totally feel you on 5, 7, & 9. Gotta love Barefoot Contessa & Giada (don't tell francesca i like giada–she loathes her!). You have a darling site by they way!-Kacey

  5. Love love love your list! I nodded my head in agreement with many of them~~~ummmm, except for the pizza/ranch dealio! What's with that??? Course I've NEVER actually tried it; hey, that sounds like a great thing to put on my Week-end To-Do List! heh heh!

  6. My ex-husband used to dip his pizza in ranch dressing…I had no idea there were others out there too who also enjoyed that!I'm totally with ya on being grossed out when watching old people eat. My sister and I have bad memories of that. My grandpa and grandma took us out for breakfast one when we were little and my sister had ordered a hot chocolate. She was waiting to drink it until it cooled down. Right as she was about to take her first sip, my grandpa started to talk and accidentally spit a piece of scrambled egg from his mouth into her hot chocolate. He had no idea he had done it, obviously, but my sister was so grossed out. He kept insisting she drink the hot chocolate and she finally gave in and did drink it. I still make fun of her…anytime we eat breakfast together now I have to bring it up!!

  7. Hi! Thanks so much for being my first newsletter subscriber! I just started with the subscrition service yesterday and started my blog a couple weeks ago. I loved reading your top ten facts and noticed you were born in Hawaii – I want to move there. :) I went to Kauai and Oahu a couple years ago. I look forward to reading your blog!Dina

  8. So funny…Let's see, can't wait to try the pizza and ranch but then, it won't help my bikini diet much either. Love the Jonas Brothers and even worse…High School Musical. LOL Happy Friday!

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