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Meet Dreamboat

I’m back, friends! But it’s oh-so-bittersweet.

Good Ole Reliable (our PC laptop) is still in the Computer Hospital. Those mean, jerk virus spreaders got me to somehow install four Trojan viruses and A WORM (!) onto our computer. You think we did everything in our power to keep something like this from happening, but apparently it wasn’t enough.

However, I got a new laptop! Here it is:

Isn’t he dreamy? I love him so much.

In the meantime, I’ve seemed to have lost my blogging mojo! Being absent for a couple of days doesn’t seem like much, but it is. I’ve been sitting in front of the computer, staring at the screen with my head in one hand and my mouth wide open, trying to write something, anything!

Stella? How’d you get your groove back?

By the way, have you met my new computer yet?

Thank you, thank you, thank you friends for your patience while I worked on my computer woes. It should be smooth sailing from here on out!

11 thoughts on “Meet Dreamboat”

  1. Ooohhhhhhhh! He's a beauty. Congrats! You will get your mojo back, don't worry. Your old blogging mojo just needs to make friends with your new technology :)

  2. You will love your Mac I'm telling you that was the best investment ever for us. I had to talk my hubby into one though because he wanted a Dell or something. I will never go back I tell ya.

  3. Welcome Back..Kinda! Love the new computer. He's new to blogging so you have to break him in. I use to give my Kindergarten Class Story Starters. Maybe that's all you need. Something like:1)The only light in the room was supplied by my lap top. The first words on the screen read: My Dear Friends, I regret to inform you…2)Traffic is never fun. Especially when you have to…3)I searched 3 days for that mysterious smell. It wasn't until I picked up the baby that I found…Would you get to typing already. We miss you out here!

  4. oooh I'm so jealous. I'd love a new laptop. I got a virus last year and man it was months before my computer was back to working. It never really fully recovered. My laptops been gone too days and I too found myself suddenly blank as to what to post. Not quite there yet. :)

  5. Nice laptop…ooh la la!!! Sorry about the writer's block…whenever I have a lack of creativity, I either do a meme or think of something funny or outrageous that my kids did or said. There's alwyas something!!

  6. Sorry to hear of the computer mishap but good for you for getting a new laptop.Yes, its hard to get your blogging groove back when you hit a slump no matter the reason for the slump. The best way to break the slump is just do it, just blog it. : )

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