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This Is My Confession…

It’s 11:23pm, on Wednesday night. I am sitting on my couch with my two dogs… and I’m eating a cream cheese danish.

Here’s a picture I took the last time I had one of these massive danishes at the restaurant I get them from:

Don’t worry, I haven’t eaten it all. Just three-quarters of it. Because I’m on a diet.


7 thoughts on “This Is My Confession…”

  1. See, your my kind of girl!! There's nothing wrong with eating sweets while you're on a diet as long as it's in moderation!! My neighbor made us some brownies and I figure I can have 2 small bites a day and still technically be on my diet!!!Glad you enjoyed your pastry! Life's too short to always be eating salads!

  2. okay now you're making me hungry. I agree with moderation but when I'm faced with a yummy treat like that moderation goes all out the window. It's like my brain goes into a temporary coma and when I wake up I'm 10 pounds heavier. *LOL* I just had to share this.. my word verification on this post is "unpork" Fitting.

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