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Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Sunday, February 1, 2009. You know what that means? It’s Super Bowl Sunday. But guess what? My husband is working today, so I don’t have to watch it! Yippee!

No Super Bowl Sunday

I scroll the guide on our TV only to find that there isn’t anything to watch! What? No rerun of “Sleepless In Seattle”? What about a marathon of “The Brady Bunch”? Nothing?

I’m watching the Super Bowl.

How is this fair? Today, my husband isn’t here to take over the whole house! I can watch whatever I want, without seeing someone roll their eyes! But there isn’t anything worth watching on TV today. Buuugghh.

Maybe I’ll go to the library. It’ll probably be deserted today… Tailgate party in the Technical Manuals aisle! Woo! Woo!

Side note: I know these athletes are wearing padding and all, but some of these butts are fantastic!

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