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Nonstop Eating

HBL, Monkey and I went to the Social Security office this afternoon to apply for Monkey’s new social security card. I can’t believe how fast the whole process was. They were so efficient! And to say that about a government agency? WOWOWOW!

Besides that, there isn’t much going on in my life these days. Besides getting a little rotund.

Example #1: I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies this week. The dough made 34 cookies. I ate 28 of them. In two days. By myself. I feel guilty about it, but not enough to stop me from maybe making another batch tomorrow and doing it all over again…

Example #2: The fam and I went to Costco (I love you) today, and it was free sample day. I – *ahem* -WE ate:

Beef Burritos
Cheese Ciabatta Bread
Chicken Soup
Salmon Fillets
Lox with Cream Cheese on a Sesame Bagel
Cream Cheese with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce on Rice Crackers

Did I need to try all these tasty bites? No. But how can you pass up on ‘free’? I can’t. My friend says that I’ll eat or take anything just because it’s free. Even if it is crap.


Example #3: I can match my 200+ pound husband, bite for delicious bite. The portion sizes on our plates are the same. Everytime. And, may I add, there are times (most times, really) where I OUT EAT HIM. What kind of cruel, cruel joke is this?


Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to get a piece of Werther’s candy.

10 thoughts on “Nonstop Eating”

  1. I have been just as bad over here with the darn Girl Scout Cookies. I got them to share with the kids but they don't seem to like them so I find myself eating an entire box in about hour. I just look at it as supporting the great Girl Scouts Organization. At least that's what I told hubby when asked why I bought 7 boxes!

  2. I fell off the Weight Watcher's wagon too. Its the worst. After I had my boys my hubby and weighed the same. then he lost weight and I gained. So now I outweight him by 50 lbs!!!!UGHEvery night he makes a batch of cookies and he will eat 2. I always eat at least 3 and then i scarf down the leftovers while he at work the next day. Its a vicious cycle! You are NOT alone in this!! I just wish we cold start a blog to lose weight without having to actually change anything, LOL!!!

  3. Kim – I don't even bother with the Girl Scouts, whenever I buy them, my husband I ALWAYS have to get our own boxes. We don't share. I find it's best if I avoid eye contact with those girls and save myself from gaining 3 pounds! LOLCenzLuccsMom – What is it with husbands who have self control?! Lose weight and NOT change anything? I think you're onto something! :-)

  4. I'm with you!!! I needed to STOP making them – otherwise I ate them ALL, given an opportunity. Of course it means that children and hubby are somewhat miffed that they missed out, but hey, I gotta be sensible ;)

  5. Hi Jennifer, thanks for the follow, I love that you 'out eat' your husband. I do that, too, and always have. My joke of late is that I'm becoming a "blobber" instead of a blogger.Those darn girl scout cookies. Those cute girls with their boxes of delight are my number one reason for an active search for a cute "no soliciting" sign.Looking forward to follwoing you.-Deb

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