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It’s Valentine’s Day Tomorrow?!

I don’t live under a rock, I promise. In retrospect, how could I not have realized this? The stores are packed with Valentine’s stuff, the casinos are promoting their restaurants like crazy, on the news this morning, they were talking about some exotic rose that costs $25 a stem…

It’s Valentine’s Day Tomorrow?!

It’s all making sense now: this is what it feels like when your brain goes ‘bye-bye’. Not as painful as I thought it would be. When I was single, I used to have to pretend to forget Valentine’s Day. But now, it just happens naturally!

My husband and I decided we’re not going to do anything special this year for Valentine’s because he has to work all weekend (good thing, since I didn’t get him anything). However, it’s our baby boy’s very first Valentine’s Day, so we agreed to do something fun for him. Maybe put his baby food in a heart shaped bowl, or I bake him heart shaped cookies my husband and I will eat on his behalf. OR I could surprise my husband by dressing Monkey up in full Valentine regalia!!! Cupid! With wings! No? Oh.


8 thoughts on “It’s Valentine’s Day Tomorrow?!”

  1. You definitely do not live under a rock. Valentine's is a "take it or leave it" holiday in my book. If you feel up to celebrating, you can. Otherwise, letting it pass you by entirely is totally OK too. It is not a mandatory holiday, like Christmas. :)Your method to celebrating is brilliant. Cookies and your baby cupid. What more do you need?-Francesca

  2. Hi Jennifer! I am feeling much better, thankyou! lol. :) And I'm glad you are joining in on my blog. Now onto the Vday stuff… my SO & I are also not doing anything. He has work all night, every day this weekend. But, I've never been a big Vday fan, so thats ok!I, must say though, I may just steal the whole cookie idea. It sounds great! :)

  3. I totally love the idea of dressing the lil guy up as Cupid!! And I think he'd be cool with you all eating his's the thought that counts!!Hope you have a fun Valentine's Day!

  4. I totally forgot about V-Day too!! When I remembered it was Friday night and I was stuck with a sick baby in Urgent Care for four hours. I came home so tired that I thought I'd pick something up this morning but when I woke up hubby had a surprise for me! I feel like such a heel!

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