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I’m ‘Scurd’

Earlier this evening, I was forced to sit in the same room with my husband as he watched some scary movie called “Mirrors”. And when HBL watches movies, he likes to watch them in the dark. Inthedarkpeople! So where’d that put me? Oh, I don’t know. How about in the dark with him!

I'm Scurd

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I know what you’re saying, “What’s the big deal, Jennifer?” Well, let me tell you! Scary movies actually scare me! Hello? And I don’t like to be scared. No way.

I don’t like the music.
I don’t like the images.
I don’t like the character who investigates strange noises.
I don’t like any of it.

Now, normally I would leave the room and do something else (ANYTHING else), somewhere else (ANYWHERE else). But I couldn’t leave the room this time because the computer is in there, and I needed to use it before it got too late in the evening (trust me, I wouldn’t use it if I could help it).

So, to help me ignore the things going on onscreen, I wore my headphones, put iTunes on full blast, and got to business. But then a bit of inspiration hit: why not turn my uncomfortable situation into a Top Ten list? Done. Thanks for the post, scary movie. I hope you never inspire me to do anything (except run to a different room) again.

Top Ten Things That Scare Me

  1. The first big drop on a roller coaster ride
  2. Scary movies
  3. Zits on other people (I’m afraid it’ll pop on me)
  4. Beef Liver (the flavor, not the sight of it)
  5. Mice
  6. Cockroaches
  7. Any kind of bug that flies and/or jumps
  8. Mealy fruit (Yuck-O)
  9. Greasy Hair (after a while, it feels like the roots of my hairs are sore…)
  10. Mean people

What about you? What are YOU afraid of? 

I love memes. Wait, you too? WE’RE TWINS! Why not take a break and play Top Ten, then? If you blog, grab my button, choose your Top Ten topic (you can use mine!), post it on your blog, and leave your link in the comments below. If you don’t blog, play along by leaving your list in the comments, too!
Have fun!

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3 thoughts on “I’m ‘Scurd’”

  1. I've only watched one scary movie (Sixth Sense) since I was a teen and watched The Omen. It scared me that much I still get shivers thinking about it. And then the Sixth Sense reinforced the scare so its been about 7 years (?) since I've watched one now. Luckily for me hubby doesn't like them either!My number 1 fear living out here in the bush is snakes. They make me scream!

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