Male Pattern Baldness
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Hair Club for Postpartum Women

I love pregnancy hair. It’s thick, it’s luxurious, and it’s gorgeous.

How come no one told me that it would fall out after I gave birth? Or maybe more appropriately, why didn’t I listen?

My hair situation right now? Every time I go into the shower, I come out with less of it. The first time I noticed how much hair was falling out, I convinced myself it was because I hadn’t taken the hair out from my last two showers. Then reality hit when one evening I looked in the mirror and noticed my hair followed Pattern 3:

Male Pattern Baldness

It’s okay now, though, I am more than happy to report that my hair is growing back! Of course, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, so I pulled my hair back to get a better look and took this picture:

It looks like the beginnings of a weird mommy Caesar Cut, but that’s okay. Pretty soon these new hairs will be long enough to pull back into a wild, Britney Spears bun and out of my 8-month-old’s reach.

12 thoughts on “Hair Club for Postpartum Women”

  1. OH hang in there…I remember those days…I had great hair…EVERYWHERE! My head, arms, face, MY BACK! Sigh…why didn't THAT hair all fall out instead of the extra on my head! 6 years later most of it is back on my head, and I can wear a backless dress again…You have a little somthin' somthin' over on my blog, maybe it will make your hair grow back faster! :)

  2. Oh how this post made me laugh, Jennifer, mostly because it is all so, so true. That hair that you photographed on top of your head could very well have been mine…and my daughter just turned one!The post-pregnancy aftermath is all so unfair. Not only do you have crazy new-found flabiness to contend with, but suddently your luxurious locks go missing. It is a cruel, cruel world.-Wenda

  3. LOL, love the Britney Spears bun – looks devilish! I'm glad to see it is growing back. But I also hate what happens after giving birth. I have been trying to grow mine since May, and its not even past my shoulders still! UGH! *oh, and my diet that you commented on, I've had like 2 bowls of choc. ice cream this week! haha. Told you guys, no self control! :P

  4. "Drains clogged again hun." Apparently that has become my mantra as well. Most of what has come back returned in a nice gray color anyway. You look like Britney Spears, I look like that old lady on the Hallmark cards. "Here's to kids!"

  5. My little guy is 7.5 months now so I think that I am on the same schedule of events that you are! I have been dealing with the same thing only I was nearly bald to begin with! So now all of these new sprouting hairs just stick out and no matter how much hairspray I coat my head with they just boing right back up:( Oh well, at least I still have some hair left, for now…

  6. I'm still losing my hair. I was shocked when my hairdresser commented on my daughters thick hair and that "doesn't get that from you" WHAT??? I always had thick, hair. Quick feel.. nope. My SIL says if you're hair keeps falling out you may need more zinc in your diet. :)

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