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Don’t Check Yourself Out While Wearing Leggings

I went to give my husband a kiss goodnight before he went to bed, but decided to first take a little detour into our bathroom to weigh myself. Guess what? After one week, I’m down .5 pounds! Yay! I was feeling oh-so-cocky about it, so I checked myself out in the mirror to see just what losing half pound looked like on my body (because everyone knows you can tell immediately that you’ve lost weight, right?).

I did a quick scan:

Legs: Not bad.

Butt: Hmmm, that’s weird… it’s all flat. Oh, wait, must be where I’m losing weight first.

Stomach : WHAT THE…?!

I should not have checked myself out in the mirror. Especially while wearing unflattering leggings! What was I thinking?!


(Note To Self: Stop wearing the leggings with the super long torso – you know, the ones that go above your waist line? – when checking out your body.)

But still, how is this possible? Losing weight means stuff has to look smaller, not pop out even more! Ugh.

FOOTNOTE: I’m sitting on the couch eating Cheez Its right now. Self? Meet Medication. I’ll jump back on the wagon after this last handful…

7 thoughts on “Don’t Check Yourself Out While Wearing Leggings”

  1. I like you. A woman who understands the importance of self-medicating with Cheez Its is someone whose blog I should be stalking. Plus, who doesn't have the Mommy Pooch after a baby? I think it is virtually impossible to avoid unless you manage to hire a celebrity trainer who screams at you to ensure you work out and portions out your food.I have to be going now. My ice cream is melting. :)-Francesca

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