Drying Breast Pump Bottles
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Booby Blues

It’s been twelve hours since I last pumped, and my boobs aren’t sore. They’re only slightly tender to the touch (I’m squishing ’em around right now, and they don’t feel full). I’ll pump them in a little bit, and probably get three ounces out of each. But I’ll remember the days when I had so much milk, it spilled down the sides of the bottles.

Drying Breast Pump Bottles

My rock hard booby days are long gone now. They used to be so engorged, I could flex my pecs and squirt you in the eye through my shirt. Now, I have no use for cold compresses, hot compresses, breast pads, lanolin… not a one. Not a thing.

I had been waiting and waiting through pregnancy to sleep on my stomach again, only to find that instead of a baby in my belly, these milk bags would continue to keep me from my goal. Oooh, but how the tide has turned. Their absence means very, very soon, my boobs will no longer be necessary. They’ll just be your everyday, run-of-the-mill flap jacks. No more milk, no more baby needing mommy. Just me, sadly sleeping on my stomach with normal boobs…

I miss them so. *sniffle*


12 thoughts on “Booby Blues”

  1. Big high-5 to you on nursing for as long as you have! I didn't get very far with either of my sets of twins. I always wish I could've but it just never worked out for me. Your comment about flexing your pecs and being able to squirt someone in the face cracked me up!!!

  2. awww… After 3 babies, I was so glad to have my breasts back to myself and wear sexy bras again. So perk yourself up (and hubby too) with some new sexy bras. Dress up those melons! :)

  3. You're so lucky to have been able to provide for your child for so long. I didn't have much luck with the whole process. And by the time everything shrunk back down to size, they didn't match anymore. That's right, 2 different sizes! Don't you just love motherhood? Keep smiling, you did good!

  4. Be proud!I wrote of my terrible experiences with the breast pump, and I now have water balloon boobs that I roll up into a padded, under-wire bra, but, I have healthy kids and I am proud to have been able to do it!Good work, mama! The second time around (I am assuming this is the first, right?) Is actually a little better, and what I lost in firmness I at least gained in size. Maybe that's not a good thing…Great posts! Keep it up! :)

  5. I really love your posts! You are so honestly funny. I am right there with you on the whole nursing thing. My little guy is shaping up to be done in a couple of months (he's under protest though). My husband is more sad than I am I think to see my girls go. I will miss being able to properly fill out a shirt!

  6. Your post cracked me up! My little one is still nursing, but it won't be long until he is completely weaned…he only nurses 3 times a day now. I keep going back and forth…I don't want to stop nursing because it has been such a bonding experience with my baby, but I am ready to have my body back to myself. 10 months of pregnancy and now 10 months of nursing…I think I want my body back (oh, and so does my hubbie) :)

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